Things I’ve learned (or re-learned) in the past 2 weeks

Two weeks ago today, Samuel Frederic entered my life. One might think that bringing a baby home from the hospital is old hat for us by now, but there are things to be learned every time, and there are things that a mom forgets about this blur of time called “the newborn stage.” So here is some of my new-found or newly-rediscovered knowledge:

* No matter how much one loves being pregnant, as I have every time, the last couple weeks are highly uncomfortable.

* Childbirth hurts. Enough said.

* I CAN make it through without an epidural, even if they pump me full of Pitocin and even if the anesthesiologist tries to tell me I can’t.

*  There is absolutely no greater moment in the whole process than hearing my husband gleefully introduce me to the little person I’ve carried for nine months.  Finding out during an ultrasound just cannot compare.

* Childbirth wreaks havoc on one’s body that doesn’t go away for several, several days. Again, enough said.

* Newborn babies are very, very tiny, and feel absolutely wonderful when they snuggle up against you.

* Little boys come equipped with a high-range sprinkler system.

* Related to the above, diaper changes must be twice as fast with little boys.

* Clothing and blankets that seemed gender-neutral before your baby was born suddenly seem very gender-specific when you see what gender baby you actually have.

* The more kids you already have, the more hectic your hospital room feels when they come to visit you.

* No matter how many kids you have in how short a time period, you still have to struggle through the first few weeks trying to figure out this new kid.

* No matter how many kids you have in how short a time period, it never, never gets old.

*  I absolutely love watching my husband being thrilled with his babies.

* Everybody, even the nurses, get really excited when you have a boy after having three girls.

* Clothing manufacturers apparently think that baby boys go naked for the first twelve months of their life, based on the amount of baby boy clothes in the stores that are smaller than size 12 months.

* The baby boy clothes that can be found, and that aren’t covered with characters or footballs, are usually stinking cute.

* Nanny is a great person to have around while you’re trying to learn how to have four kids age 5 and under.

* When three of the four are not potty-trained, you will change many, many diapers every day.

* Your relationship with your old friend Sleep suddenly becomes a long-distance one for the first few weeks. No matter how good that baby is during the day, night-time is not our friend.

* There is no feeling in the world like holding your brand new baby, and that does not diminish a bit no matter how many kids you have in how short a time period.

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2 Responses to Things I’ve learned (or re-learned) in the past 2 weeks

  1. Stef says:

    Wow!!! I am still amazed Monica.. 4 kids under 5! God has definitely belssed you and Clay and has obviously equipped youwith a body that needs less sleep than the rest of us.I’m bummed that I didn’t get to meet the little guy today at church. I can’t wait to see him.
    ttyl, Stef

  2. Mom says:

    I hope having Nanny around was a help even when I caught the burner on fire causing the smoke alarm to go off causing all 4 children to cry.
    I miss you all. Love, Mom

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