Testing, testing

When Samuel got his hearing checked in the hospital, he passed in his right ear, but failed in his left.  They assured me that this happens often, and that, when retested, nine out of ten babies pass the second time.  So we’re waiting on the people at Purdue to call us and schedule a retest.  I had pretty much put that one out of my mind for the time being when I got another phone call this morning.  Apparently, Clay or I one has abnormal hemoglobins that we have passed on to Samuel.  He is a carrier for hemoglobin disease-he has more normal hemoglobins than abnormal, which means he himself does not actually have a disease.  However, if he were to “marry up” with a girl who is also a carrier, then their kids would have the disease.  Please don’t ask me for details on which specific disease I’m talking about because I don’t know.  The lady talked very fast; she said I would get a letter and that my doctor would talk to me about it, so I decided to figure it out later.  Again, he has to be retested to confirm this.  She said they would send him a card to carry around specifying exactly what abnormality he has, for future reference.  So, as Clay said, when he gets older and starts courting, I guess we’ll have to ask his girl to get blood work done before the relationship can progress further.  How weird is that!  What is up with this kid failing all these tests?  His sisters sure never had less than perfect test results!  I guess that’s a boy for you!!  (I’m absolutely kidding, by the way.  Don’t start yelling at me for comparing my kids already!!!)

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2 Responses to Testing, testing

  1. Megan says:

    Haha…i think it is boys! Stephen failed one ear too, but ended up passing eventually. Luke was tested for a genetic hemoglobin problem (along w/ alot of other genetic problems:( ) but thankfully he they never found anything (yet anyway!).

  2. suzanne says:

    my baby-est failed both hearing tests (and my first 3 passed with flying colors). we had to go back for retests too. no problem. i’m sure yours will be the same!

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