When you have nothing else to say…

Elisabeth has recently discovered more of the joys of talking than ever before.  This means that when we’re riding in the van, she wants to talk constantly, even if she has nothing to say.  For a couple of days, this resulted in her yelling, “Nanny!” or “Mom!” or “Dad!” or “Abba!”, then, when we answered her, she would just say, “Boo-boo.” and point to her knee which had a miniscule scratch on it.  A couple days later, though, she changed the routine just a bit.  After yelling whichever name she chose, and being answered by that person, she would just say, “Um.”  Over and over and over again.  “DAD!”  “What, Bess?”  “Um.”  “MOM!”  “What, Elisabeth?”  “Um.”  Apparently “um” means more to her than to us.  As Nanny said, when you really want to talk but you can only say a few words, your choices are greatly limited.

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