Okay, here’s the backstory that you need to keep in mind when you see Abigail and Catherine next. Abigail’s hair has been unhealthy for some time now. When I comb it, literal clumps fall out at times. Not to the point that she has bald spots or anything, but definitely more than would normally come out during a comb. Plus the other day when Elisabeth pulled her hair, as Elisabeth is so apt to do, another clump came out. I’d just been worrying about this, and the other night as Clay and I were talking about ways to reduce the load on my shoulders right now and how I should stop worrying about the things I’m worried about, we decided to take action on what we can. This included cutting Abigail’s hair to see if that made any difference. The other backstory here is that Abigail herself has been begging me for months to cut her hair. She doesn’t want it long anymore, it bothers her while she sleeps, it hangs in her face when she draws, etc etc etc. I’d been saying no, no, no, my little girls were going to have long hair. Period. But when I mentioned maybe trying to cut it a little, Clay jumped on the bandwagon and we decided to go for it. He told me to do Catherine’s too, since hers is so uneven, just to even it up in the back. When we told Abigail, she started laughing like crazy, she was so excited. So yesterday after naptime, I gave them all a bath, washed their hair, and set up shop in the kitchen floor.

Catherine went first. I intended to go just below her shoulder blades, to get rid of the worst of the uneven-ness. However, with the towel wrapped around her, it was hard to tell where I was cutting, and I got it a little shorter than I meant to. But it’s nice and even now, and looks cute. Then it was Abigail’s turn. She brought her giddy little self over to the step stool. I wrapped her up and combed her beautiful long hair for the last time (at least for a while). Then I measured and tested and looked and planned where I was going to cut. I meant to hit hers right at her shoulder blades, keeping in mind that the curl might come back and bounce it up shorter. I trimmed and cut and watched those LONG pieces of hair falling into the floor, wondering if I was crazy, starting the grieving process already. Finally I was finished. I pulled the towel away and was shocked to see that her hair was just at her shoulders!!! Apparently I am a really bad estimater of where a child’s shoulder blades are!!! I was already tearing up as she ran into the bathroom to see. Her first reaction: she burst into tears! She came wailing back into the kitchen, saying her friends will think she’s weird, her friends won’t know who she is. I managed to pull myself back together after hugging and apologizing, and looked more closely. I told her the truth then: she looked extremely cute and like a big kid, especially with the hole in her bottom teeth. She took some convincing, which was hard for me to do since I wasn’t thrilled either, but soon she was swinging it around and running back to the mirror every few minutes to look at it some more. By the time her Daddy came home and made a big deal over her, she was loving it. Today she is thrilled. I still am not, I’m very put out with myself for not paying closer attention, but the truth is she does look very cute. And it will grow–fast, if she’s anything like me.  Also, it already looks healthier, and brushing it this morning was incredibly easy, no tangles at all.

So there’s the story. I know some people are going to be grieving right with me (NANNY!!). I’m sorry. But please don’t grieve in front of her. I’ll make sure she doesn’t miss a day of vitamins to help speed the growing process up. But even in my grieving, I remember how I felt when Mom finally gave in and let me get mine cut at age 7 or so. I felt extremely strange at first too, although I don’t remember if I cried or not. But then I absolutely loved it. Watching her love it today, still running to look in the mirror quite often, and remembering how good I felt then, helps this Mommy get over her grieving. First reactions aside, I made my little girl feel awesome, even if it wasn’t what I intended.

I’ll try to blow through this roll of film and get pictures up before we come home so it’s not quite as much of a shock when you see her.

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One Response to Haircuts

  1. Mom says:

    I guess if she’s happy, that’s what matters, but I am grieving already.

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