Haircut pictures

Here are the pictures of our haircut attempts.  I think you’ll agree that they are still very cute.

Catherine’s is not quite as drastic of a change, but she’s still proud of it, so comment on it if you see her.

And here is just a cute raincoat picture, even if you can’t see the haircuts:

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2 Responses to Haircut pictures

  1. Grandmama & Poppaw says:

    Oh, they are just beautiful! You did well, dear, sweet mommy. We LOVE you & we love how you love your family! Thanks for a wonderful visit. We are so looking forward to your being here soon to blow out the candles. The girls were looking forward to helping you blow them out. We love you lots,Claudia & Steve ((((Monica))))

  2. Stef says:

    Oh I wish I would’ve kept up on your blog so I could have made a bigger fuss over the girls than I did on Sunday! The new do’s were awfully adorable. I’m still wondering how I can convince you to whack mine off! I just don;t trust myself to do it on my own (I want to blame someone else if it’s bad, he he!).
    See ya Monica,

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