A few funnies

Just a few recent funnies from the Hall house:

At Wendy’s last night, Catherine was crawling under the table to get from my lap to Daddy’s lap (Samuel’s carseat and Elisabeth’s high chair had her blocked from actually walking around–no comments on the etiquette of crawling under the table, please).  When she finally popped up, she cried, “Oh, no, Daddy!  Somebody forgot their gum under here!!”

Also at Wendy’s, Daddy got a phone call from our neighbor, Ms. Parrott.  (You can probably already see where this one is going.)  When he hung up, Catherine asked him who was on the phone.  He told her, “Ms. Parrott.”  Very calmly and matter-of-factly as if this wouldn’t be in the least unusual, she said, “Oh, was it a parrot on the phone, Daddy?”  I wonder what she thought the parrot would have wanted with Daddy.

Finally, I’m quite sure that the insurance lady had no idea that while I was on the phone with her, I managed to sort through the rest of the mail, throw the trash away, calm Samuel down with his pacifier, clean up the poultry seasoning that Elisabeth dumped out on the couch, clean up the paprika that she dumped out on the pillow, clean up Catherine’s hand and take her paprika-covered shirt off of her, securely fasten the pantry door so that no more spices would get stolen, and delete some photo files off of my computer.  All that wait just so she could tell me that Samuel is indeed on the policy and she has no idea why his hospital claim was denied.  You definitely learn the art of multi-tasking when you have four five-and-under.

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