A slippery slope to a scary new normal

Yesterday I wrote about our new normal. What was implied and absolutely had no need to be said was that we have chosen most aspects of our new normal, and we have the freedom to change it if we want. But with all of the political chaos lately, it drives home the point that if events transpire a certain way, we could all be on a slippery slope to a new normal that sounds very scary to me. I don’t claim to understand much regarding the issues of politics. I am up on the few issues that are closest to my heart, and for the rest, I basically just trust my dad’s opinion, to be quite honest. But I know that if a “big government” gets ushered in next week, it could just be a slippery slope to a huge change in many of the things in my own little normal.

The slippery slope begun by the government mandating certain forms of education means that I could no longer have the freedom to educate my children at home according to the educational philosophy and worldview that my husband and I choose for them. Homeschoolers fought hard for the freedoms we enjoy today, but already courts in California are trying to take those freedoms away and put education solely in the hands of the government. Granted, the ruling got overturned, but a few changes in power are all it would take for a new trend of anti-homeschooling to sweep across our legislature. I could realistically be forced to send my children to government schools regardless of what they teach or promote. I realize that in many areas, at this time, that this wouldn’t be a tragic choice–that many of you are public school teachers or parents in great school systems. But again, it’s a slippery slope, and the anti-Christian trends could be just around the corner, should events transpire a certain way over the next few years. I may no longer have a choice what my children are taught regarding the origins of life or sexuality. I may have to spend every evening righting the lies that they have been told each day at school. I may have to teach them basic history myself because their history books are filled with meaningless stories glorifying only the acts of homosexuals and minorities and leaving out important historical stories simply because they involve a white, European, male heterosexual hero. Read Doug Wilson if you doubt what I’m saying.

The current abortion laws, combined with a refusal to ban partial-birth abortion, are just a slippery slope to situations in which a newborn is allowed to die because of easily-treatable health issues, or situations in which a couple can choose to abort a baby due to it being the “wrong” gender, or situations in which babies can be genetically constructed according to the parents’ wishes. It’s all just a slippery slope that could easily then lead to withholding medical treatment, or even just food and water from the elderly or handicapped or terminally ill. When life becomes devalued in one area, it will begin to be devalued across the board.

Recent attempts at certain “hate crimes” legislation could be a slippery slope to a pastor being prosecuted for preaching that homosexuality is a sin. We could find ourselves attending churches that aren’t allowed to preach much truth at all, or being prosecuted or persecuted ourselves if we choose to stand strong for the Scriptures. My daughter often prays for those in China and India who would get into trouble for going to church and worshipping the one true God. It is not unrealistic that, should current trends be allowed a foothold in legislature, she could be included in that group right here in the USA.

“Spread the wealth” economics could lead to our loved ones and ourselves working hard our whole lives to build a life or business or bank account that is at our disposal, only to have much of it stripped away and “spread out” to people who have not worked hard to earn it. “Spreading the wealth” really is just robbing from the rich to give to the poor. Please understand that I am completely in favor and support of helping out those families who genuinely need help. That is the basics of Christianity. James 1:27 says, “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction…” Absolutely we should help those who have a serious and genuine need, but that’s not what our system is doing. “Help” is going to families that could support themselves, and “help” is also serving to enslave those that are receiving it by enabling them to live lifestyles of laziness and self-pity without ever being responsible or accountable for anything. Don’t yell at me for saying this–I’ve seen it played out over the past two years very close to my own family. As we have struggled hard at times just to stay afloat and buy groceries, we’ve seen people living off of the government and buying new cell phones and eating out at Red Lobster and buying new video games, cds, books, and movies every month. Am I the only one who is troubled by what my taxes are going for here? Currently in our systems, a family can make a livable income, yet still qualify for and take taxpayer money for basics like food, health care, and medicines, even though they can afford these things on their own income. I know this because my own family qualifies for many of these things. We could use your taxes instead of our own income to get groceries and go to the doctor for free, and then go to Disneyworld or on a cruise with the money from my husband’s job. I’ve seen people do this very thing. Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture? I realize this is not the case for every family that receives government help, but it should not be allowed to happen at all. Spreading the wealth is not the answer. It is in no way wrong to be rich, and it is a twisted kind of logic that says a basketball player should not be allowed to make more than a teacher, as I saw implied in a magazine last week.

As I consider what might happen next week, I know that probably none of these extremes will actually come into reality over the next four years, no matter who is elected. But a slippery slope doesn’t begin with extremes. It begins in little baby steps that, if unchecked, then snowball into extremes before we even realize what’s happening. I know that neither party is perfect, neither candidate is perfect. But I will cast my vote against these slippery slopes. I realize there are other important issues that I have not mentioned, issues that I don’t pretend to understand completely, if at all. But I understand freedoms and I understand the importance of getting to choose my own normal (which really involves following God not the government). I also realize that I have friends and family that will disagree with my conclusions here, and I hope you understand that I did not set out to offend you but I just had to let my heart spill out here.  Vote for whoever you want next Tuesday–that’s the beauty of the freedom thus far in this country.  I just hope that those freedoms are not slowly erased should our country jump onto that slippery slope.

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2 Responses to A slippery slope to a scary new normal

  1. Jackie B says:

    nope…I’m with you…100%…

  2. ndefalco says:

    Check out Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party as a third party choice. He’s a Baptist pastor and church planter who agrees 100% with everything you’ve indicated here.

    Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party is also not a bad choice, but he’s flip-flopped on some issues and he’s been married like 3 times.

    But, now that Ron Paul (a libertarian republican) has thrown his support behind Chuck Baldwin, it’s making me really think about voting for him as a possible third party.

    Some close friends of mine that know the issues better than me are giving me good reason to go ahead and vote McCain- even though they agree with me that he hasn’t proven a strong conservative track record, so I haven’t made up my mind yet…

    WATCH this speech by Reagan in 1964. This is what Republicans USED to stand for. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yt1fYSAChxs

    It makes you really, really wish we had him as our Republican candidate this year!

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