Trick or Treat!

We went trick-or-treating (of course!) in our subdivision Friday night.  Our girls were extremely excited!  We somehow managed to get them to sit still and eat supper, into their costumes, pose for a haphazard picture (see Fall 08 pictures), and finally we were off.  The very first stop was our neighbor lady, Ms. Parrott.  She gave them each some candy.  Catherine promptly pulled hers back out of the pumpkin to examine it, and exclaimed, “I never had this before!”  I had to explain to Ms. Parrott that she was just excited to get a new kind of candy, and that yes, that was a positive comment.  So began a night of running commentaries on their candy as they got it.  Over and over they would declare the merits of each candy as they got it.  Catherine’s favorites were the M&M’s; every time someone gave them to her, she would tell them, “I’m almost out of these!” They would look at her funny, not sure what to say, until I explained to them that she meant we had run out of M&M’s at home so she was glad to get some more.  I didn’t go on to tell them that the M&M’s were the potty prize, but once Abigail did that for me, saying, “She gets M&M’s when she messies in the potty!”  Thankfully most of their comments were positive and I didn’t have to apologize for them.  The only major hang-up came when one house decided to be scary instead of fun, and the scary-dressed person stood up right when the girls got to him, resulting in a mermaid and a Minnie Mouse whirling around, bursting into tears and running back to Daddy.  Completely unnecessary, if you ask me, but apparently they didn’t ask me.  We had fun, for all our social faux pas.  And who knows, maybe next year we’ll be trick-or-treating in KY!!

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