We finally had satellite installed this week, so my kids are watching TV again.  We have these cool new channels now  that we’ve never had before.  Maybe you’ve heard of them:  Nickelodeon, TV Land, Boomerang.  Anyway, they’re seeing commercials now, and Abigail is the easiest sell in the world.  Yesterday there was a commercial for Wonder Hangers, these incredible hangers that can hold like eight shirts on the same hanger and all that jazz.  Today, I was cleaning out the unused hangers out of the coat closet.  She saw them and cried, “Mommy, those aren’t Wonder Hangers!  We need Wonder Hangers because those hangers make our clothes all wrinkly!”

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One Response to Commercials

  1. Jackie B says:

    Hey, Hannah was sitting here next to me and read this entry. She said, “they’ve got Wonderhangers!??” Apparently, she has seen the same commercial. 🙂

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