Oh, the drama

I know I’ve written a lot about Abigail, but here’s another one anyway.  They were taking a bath tonight and she decided to show me a cool trick by putting her face in the water.  Apparently she forgot to close her mouth and got strangled pretty bad, resulting in her spitting up a little in the bath water.  We had to haul all three girls out of the tub, drain it, and start all over.  While they were standing dripping and freezing on the rug and she was still crying, I decided to try to divert her attention by returning the conversation to her birthday party plans that we had been discussing earlier.  I asked her something about what she’d like to do at her party, and she replied by wailing, “I can’t go to my party now!”  Baffled, I asked why.  Her answer:  “Because I spit up in the tub!”  To clarify, I said, “You still won’t be able to go to your party even though it’s a month away?”  No, she said, she can’t go.  So sorry, all you little Salem kids.  I guess there will be no party on Feb. 8 because Abigail got strangled on Jan. 10.  Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

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One Response to Oh, the drama

  1. Mom says:

    I’m glad you’re back to writing. I’ve missed it!

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