More small town snippets

*  The week after we moved, a man from church was at our house doing some carpentry work.  Someone knocked on the door and I opened it to a man I’d never seen before.  He asked if John waas there and if he could talk to him.  I got John, and then heard the man, a friend of John’s, say, “I was driving by and saw your truck and just thought I’d stop and see what you were doing here.”

*  Last Sunday night our Connect Group (aka Sunday school class) was meeting in the home of one of the couples.  During our meeting, their phone rang.  It was one of her friends, who was calling to see what was wrong; she had driven by and seen all the cars, therefore figured something was going on!

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One Response to More small town snippets

  1. Stef says:

    Hey Monica, sorry i haven’t visited your blog lately. I sometimes miss small town life. Are you enjoying it?

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