They’re so funny

A few recent comments:

Catherine to Elisabeth:  “Oh, Bess, you’re pitiful.”  Then, when she heard us laughing, “Well, she is just pitiful.”

Elisabeth in the van on the way to Somerset–she was watching the movie but her sisters were being silly in the backseat:  “Kids!!  Hush!!”

Catherine after trying for several minutes to choke down a bite of cornbread for the first time:  “Mom, I don’t like bread anymore.”

Catherine last week:  “Our activity is out.”  When corrected, she fixed “activity” to “electrifity.”

Elisabeth loves to be rubbed–anywhere, like her feet, hands, legs, arms, etc.– and lately every time I reach my arm towards the back of Clay’s seat in the van just to stretch, she thinks I’m reaching back to her and she says, “Mom, do my feet!”  If she’s wearing shoes, she says, “Mom, do my shoes!”


By the way, Samuel now has two teeth!  Way to go, little dude!

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