Happy birthday, husband!

Well, you’re a year past that first hill, and I think you’ll agree with me that the 31 birthday finds you in a much more agreeable spot than did number 30. May this be the first of many happy Salem birthdays.
This is the year, babe. This is your year. This is my year. This is our year. Make this your year. Be intentional. We’re ready. We’re standing right on the threshold and we’re ready. I’ve loved dreaming with you and now we’re ready to make those dreams reality. It’s been a wild ride full of lots of question marks that have now been turned into periods. Not all of them, but more than at any other point in our marriage. So the ride may still get wild at times, but the scenery will hopefully be changing less. I love you so much. Jump into this year and make it yours. I can’t wait to watch what God does this year in and through you. Thanks for letting me tag along. Happy birthday, Clayton. I love you.

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One Response to Happy birthday, husband!

  1. semperreformada says:

    thanks wifey. i love you. as much as it depends on me -it will be our year.

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