She’s six!

Oh, Abigail, such is the stuff of my life that this blog is two days late.  Happy sixth birthday, sweet girl.  You turned six on Tuesday, and everyone you saw that day knew it, too.  It is fun to finally celebrate birthdays with children who know they’re having a birthday.  I hope you had a good day.  We tried to make it fun–you sure did make out like a bandit at Toys R Us with your birthday money.  You pulled that third tooth just in time, too, to add another dollar to your loot!

This year has seen you grow and develop in leaps and bounds.  You are quite the big kid now.  It’s evident especially around your sisters and cousins.  You are in the thick of things for awhile, but eventually you feel the need to pull away and have some time to yourself, reading or drawing, or just–as you said the other day–making yourself sleepy.  You continue to excel at school, that is when you wake your mind up and stop daydreaming!  I love to listen to you read and I continue to be amazed at the words you don’t need help reading.  You are turning into quite the helper at home, and I love to see the pride you feel when you know you’ve actually helped Mommy out.  You love to snuggle, and sometimes I wish your little siblings didn’t require so much attention so that I could just curl up with you and watch the Brady Bunch, your current favorite.  You are constantly writing stories and illustrating them, and I’ve promised to expand my blog-site now that you have your own camera so that we can publish some of your stories and pictures.

I pray that this would be the year that we begin to see the fruit of Christ growing in you.  Your heart is tender and you express the desire for a new heart, and I pray that He calls you to Himself very soon.  I pray that you would be filled with a desire to submit your will to His, to look for ways to show kindness to others, to be a servant.  I pray that you would flourish in this new town, this new life we’ve thrust upon you, that you would develop real friendships here and just have fun being a kid.  I pray that you would be respectful and honoring to those around you, that you would be a leader to your sisters and Samuel, that you would be a girl after God’s own heart.

I love you, sweet Abigail.  I love you so much.  Happy birthday, my big kid.

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