Oh, yeah…

I just realized that I never updated our Ice Storm story.

We are home now.  Our power came back on last Wednesday, 8 days after it went out.  Clay came back that day, then returned to Somerset on Friday, and we all went home on Saturday to a house with busted water pipes.  Thankfully they burst under the house, not in it, and someone from church was able to come by and fix them Sunday afternoon.  So all is well there, but our area looks like a disaster zone, which I guess it technically is.  Branches are down absolutely everywhere.  But we are safe, which is more than some can say.  Please be in prayer for a family from church who lost their home Friday night to fire–they lost absolutely everything, even their dogs.

Also, this is a big weekend for us with a youth DiscipleNow which Clay is of course leading and I am teaching the girls.  Plus our girls have a mission project at the nursing home on Saturday, and Abigail’s birthday party is Sunday, so I have to prepare for it as well.  Busy busy weekend.  Please pray that I will not get stressed out and in return stress out everyone around me!

Also, our house is officially on the market in Lafayette, so continue to pray for a quick sell there so we can buy the house here and look forward.

Thanks for the prayers and support.

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