Busy-ness and baby stats

What a weekend.  We had a DiscipleNow this past weekend, plus a children’s ministry day at the nursing home, plus Abigail’s birthday party.  It ended up being more hectic than originally planned because the girl who was supposed to teach the girls at the D-Now backed out, and I ended up doing it kind of last minute, leaving childcare up in the air both for my kids as well as the kids of the worship leaders; we had told them that I could care for their kids all weekend.  So Clay and I bounced back and forth between caring for kids and teaching students all weekend.  But, although exhausting, it was good.  I think the students all had a good time, and overall it was a good first event for us here.

Abigail had her first  ever “friend party” on Sunday, with 7 kids plus our kids. I made cupcakes and mixed different colors of icing and set them out with some sprinkles and they all decorated their own cupcakes.  She opened her presents and they ran around the gym playing with the playgroup toys and had  a great time.  Very low-key; I think some of them, especially the parents, may have been underwhelmed.  Oh well.  That’s the kind of party you have when your parents are making two house payments.  She took some pictures with her new camera, and as soon as we have the right equipment to install the software onto this computer, we’ll get her stuff up.  Keep watching out on my blog, because eventually I’m going to let her do her own page on my site with her own pictures and stories.

Then this morning we finally headed to the doctor for some well-child visits and overdue shots.  The stats are as follows, because I know you’re all on pins and needles to know them:

Samuel:  5 1/2 months, 18 pounds (75th percentile), 26 inches (about 45th percentile)

Elisabeth:  24 months, 25 pounds (25th percentile), 33 inches (25th percentile)

Abigail:  6 years, 42 pounds (25th percentile), 44 inches (25th percentile).

Other than Elisabeth’s skin issues, which we finally got prescription-strength stuff for, and Samuel’s bad cough, which doc said not to worry about, everyone is healthy and good to go.  We’ll find out Catherine’s status in June at her checkup.  Oh, and by the way, my little man that everyone swoons over because he’s so good–he got two shots today and DID NOT CRY!  He actually laughed at the first one because the nurse tickled his leg as she stuck him, and he’s so incredibly ticklish.  He didn’t laugh the second time, but he still did not cry, or even fuss.  He really is the baby who never cries!

So that’s our life these past few days.  I’d like to say that after this weekend things will be slow for awhile, but I know better.  I had a stretch of empty weekends that are already filling up like crazy.  Such is the life, right?

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