School days

Just thought I’d give an update on how our school year is going.   Abigail is in the thick of kindergarten, and for the most part, loving it and doing very well.  We are memorizing a verse a week from the Susan Hunt book My ABC Bible Verses.  Each verse begins with the next letter of the alphabet and usually addresses a character issue, so they’ve been really useful throughout the week in behavior training as well.  We started this late, so we’re only on K, but she can remember almost all the ones we’ve done with very little help.

We’re moving right along in math as well.  She’s learned several addition facts and a few subtraction facts, as well as counting pennies and dimes, telling time to the hour, some limited measuring of weight, length, and volume, and making shapes with pattern blocks.  For the most part she enjoys all of this.  She has a minimum of two worksheets every day, with one being a drill of 25 problems of either addition or subtraction, and she sometimes has trouble staying on task, but when she pays attention she rarely makes a mistake.

Phonics continues to be nothing new for her as she is already reading way past the level of the worksheets,but she enjoys them anyway.  I still think it’s good for her to spend this time doing worksheets and focusing on concepts that she already knows just to continue to instill good working habits, not to mention that fact that repetition of concepts can never hurt.

The literature guide from Veritas Press has been really fun.  We’re reading Madeline this week, and there are several fun activities to do, as there are for each story we read.

She and Catherine both love the music curriculum because of the video lessons.  (Catherine has seen them on the days that she “passes her nap.)  They watch the videos-that are so incredibly dated-and get up and do what the kids are doing.  Then there is always a fun worksheet to do, and sometimes they get to try one of the instruments.

We’re actually way behind schedule–I built in three weeks off for when Samuel was born, which is why I started at the beginning of August.  But I did not foresee the other breaks that we ended up taking–we missed the last week  of November and the whole month of December because of the move, and then we missed two weeks in Jan/Feb because of the infamous ice storm.  So now our schedule goes up to June 12, which is perfect timing since we’ll be heading to Somerset right after that for wedding week.  So hopefully we won’t miss any more days.

I’ve already been poring over the catalog and making my list for next year, and as soon as we get our taxes done, I’m placing that order, buying for two this time around!  Yep, Catherine will be joining us in August.  I’m sure my posts will be more interesting when that time comes around.

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