Lately it seems like I’ve been getting the same questions and comments over and over, about different aspects of my life.  I’ve just heard myself saying the same things a lot recently, so to save me the trouble of repeating myself, and to satisfy the curiosity of those of you who may not have asked yet, I’ll just post some of the questions/comments and answers here.  (Most of the people who are asking me these things don’t read this blog, so this probably isn’t going to do any good, but oh well.)  I’m going to split them up into a few posts, because keeping it in one was getting rather lengthy.  So here goes the first one, just some general info.

If you’ve been in touch with us at all in the last few months, you probably know that we moved in December.  But people still aren’t sure of the details, so here you go.

“Is Clay the pastor of the church?”  No, one of his best friends from college is the pastor.  Clay is Pastor of Worship and Family Ministries at Salem Baptist Church.  Basically, right now that is music and youth, and making steps with the children.

“How far from home are you now?”  Just under 4 hours if you drive without stopping.  Could be that for us, or closer to 5 1/2 or even 6 for us, depending on what time of day it is.

“Did you buy a house there?”  No, right now we’re renting with a contract to buy as soon as our Lafayette house sells.  It went on the market the first week of February.  Please please please pray with us that it will sell soon and we can breathe financially again.

“Do you like it there?”  Absolutely.  Small town life agrees with us.  The people are really helping us to settle in and feel like one of the group.  We hope to be here a long, long time.

“How big is the town?”  It isn’t.  At all.  40-45 minutes to a Walmart or Kroger.  A couple little food marts are close by if you don’t mind paying high prices.  2 banks, a post office, a gas station, that’s about it.

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One Response to FAQ’s

  1. semperreformada says:

    I liked these 3 posts, babe. You’ve come a long way from the self-conscious eighth grader that I “dated” way back when. We’re still figuring things out, but by God’s grace, I think we’ve gotten a few things right.

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