Again, a little crude but a lot funny

A bit of background information for this story to make sense:  Abigail thinks that going to church equals doing everything else right.  If someone does something wrong, it must be either because they don’t go to church, or sometimes she’ll say it must be because they don’t know God.  She also knows that for her, to “pee-pee” in her clothes is wrong.  Keep these thoughts in mind.

The other day I took Abigail and Catherine to the potty.  We all three had to go, so I was trying to prioritize the order, letting the most urgent needs go first.  I began with Catherine, since she’s the one who started the potty trip in the first place.  But she’s very slow, and my own need was getting quite urgent as I waited for her.  She finally got up, and I hurried her out  of my way, telling her  to move aside to pull her tights back up.  Abigail noticed my distress and calmly asked me if I accidentally “pee-peed” some in my tights.  (She knows from experience that this can happen when urgency comes.)  I said, “No, silly.  I just needed to go really quickly.”  She said, “Do ladies do that sometimes like little girls do?”  I told her I guessed sometimes ladies might do that if they couldn’t get to a potty in time.  She thought for a minute, then said, “I guess only ladies who don’t go to church do that.”

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