Updates on us

We’ve been busy settling into life in Salem.  We’re all starting to feel right at home here.  Honestly, the whole time we lived in Indiana, as we would drive around town, it never felt like we were home.  As we would turn down our cul-de-sac and approach our house, it still didn’t feel like home.  Salem feels like home.  I could never imagine living out our lives in Lafayette; it is so easy to picture that in Salem.

We’re enjoying the calm before the storm right now, as summer promises to be very busy in this youth pastor’s family.  Abigail is signed up to play t-ball this summer, so we’ll see  how that goes.  We’ve got her a pink glove to play with, so she’ll be stylin’ anyway, even if she doesn’t do much on the field.  We’re taking a break from gymnastics until fall, when we’ll be searching for a new gym.  We’re working hard to finish up the school year; we had so many forced breaks with the birth of Samuel, the move, and the ice storm that our last day is scheduled for June 12, just in time to celebrate Catherine’s birthday and head to Somerset for Britani’s wedding.

Abigail has lost four teeth so far, and Samuel has found all four of them, his fourth one coming through just today.  She is amazing everyone at church with her reading skills, and he amazes everyone with his content-ness.  He is finally sleeping through the night now, which is wonderful for Mommy.  He is strong sitting up, and today managed to scoot backwards until he got stuck under the playpen.  He’ll be crawling anytime.

Catherine keeps us all in line.  She is always the teacher, the mommy, or some other form of boss.  She gets the kids lined up and bosses them around, playing school, and it’s amazing how often they do what she says.  A nursery worker told me that Catherine came up to her one day, held one finger up, and said, “There are rules, and we have to follow them!”  She is learning to recognize letters and numbers and gets very excited every time she sees a C because she knows that’s her letter.

Elisabeth is actually starting to tone down a bit.  I’ve even been letting
Samuel play in the floor when she’s around.  She is incredibly sweet.  She always remembers to say “Cank-you, Mama” when I give her anything.  She plays baby dolls now, and loves to play with Abigail’s doll that talks.  When the baby doll says, “Mama” Elisabeth will say, “What?  What is it?” in the sweetest voice.  I think she’s going to have a sweet, sweet personality.  She still has some wild moments, but they are fewer and less often than they were.

So I guess that’s us.  And just in case you were concerned about any rumors you  may have heard this week:  I AM NOT PREGNANT!!!  My April Fool’s joke blew way out of proportion, I think.  So help me out by putting that rumor to rest.  Let’s get one house sold and the other bought and enlarged before we put some truth to that rumor.

By the way, continue to pray about our housing issues.  We used part of our tax refund to put new carpet and flooring in the Indiana house, and there have been frequent showings, so we’re hopeful that with the new flooring installed this week, that it will sell soon now.  What a load off our shoulders that will be!!

Thanks for your prayers.  Love you all.

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