When kissing’s not yucky anymore

Abigail has always said, “Ewww!” or “Yuck!” or some similar words of encouragement when she sees her daddy and mommy kissing.  So much so that Elisabeth even says “Lyuck!” when someone kisses her, just because she thinks that’s what you’re supposed to say.  Well, last night after supper, Abigail was still sitting at the table and Mommy and Daddy were hugging and smooching a little in the kitchen.  We caught her watching us and smiling.  I said, “What are you smiling at?  Aren’t you going to say ‘Yucky!’ ”  She smiled, and said, “No.  I don’t think it’s yucky anymore when you kiss Daddy.”  I told her that was right, that it’s wonderful for a little girl when her mommy and daddy love each other and kiss and hug.  I told her that my prayer is for her to grow up and meet a man who loves God and loves her, and that she would hug and kiss her husband, too.  She thought for a moment, and said, “But what if my kids think it’s yucky?”  I told her to tell them that it’s not yucky, that it’s the best thing ever for a family for the mommy and daddy to love each other and kiss and hug, and for her to tell her kids that even if they think it’s yucky, that their mommy and daddy are going to kiss and hug.  I said to tell them that she thought it was yucky when she was a little girl, but now she knows the truth, and that she prays that one day they’ll have a godly husband to kiss and hug, too and then they won’t think it’s yucky anymore either.  I finally finished my speech and she sat there for a minute, still smiling at me.  Then she got a worried look on her face, and asked, “Will you write that all down so I’ll remember what to tell them?”

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