Our big news!!

First of all, I’m not pregnant!  Just thought that would be the first thing some people thought of when they saw this title.  No, this big news involves our Lafayette house and mortgage.  After weeks of nothing after nothing after nothing, everything happened all at once, which is usually the way God chooses to work with us.  We got a call from our Realtor last week.  She knew that we were pretty adamently opposed to renting, but she called us about a special situation.  There is a man she’d been working with whose house had burned.  He had rented one of her listed houses for awhile, but it sold and he had to move out.  Now he was staying at a hotel and having to pay to board his dogs.  His home insurance was paying for his housing, and he was waiting to work out some issues with his lot to see if he could rebuild.  She asked if he could rent ours in the meantime, while he waited and while we waited.  This seemed way less risky than just advertising for a renter, especially since he was paying a big security deposit and a big pet deposit, and since if he moved out suddenly, we’d be in no worse shape than we are now.  So, after making a couple of calls for input, we told her to go for it.  We got a contract, and sent it to them.  Then, when she took him to look at the house, he said that if his lot doesn’t work out to rebuild, which he’ll know within three months, that he’ll just buy ours!!!  It will probably be a contract sale while he builds up credit, but he will pay a large down payment that will most likely enable us to go on and buy this one!  Even if he does get to rebuild and doesn’t buy ours, he will most likely keep renting from us while waiting for his, which means our mortgage will be covered by his rent!  This is a huge burden off of our shoulders, and even though it’s officially temporary for now, it feels great!  Thanks for all the prayers thus far, and keep on praying that the rest of the details will fall into place.

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