Catherine Grace is 4!!

On June 15, 2005, we welcomed sweet Catherine Grace into the world.  She was and still is a ray of sunshine in our lives.  A sweeter personality would be hard to find.  She is soft-spoken, but commanding when she speaks.  She can get a whole room of preschoolers to be quiet and do exactly what she says.   She is a snuggle-bug, and requires several minutes of cuddling before she can really get going in the morning.  She has an incredible memory, probably from endless hours of keeping up with her older sister’s ever-changing personas and storylines.  She amazes her Kids 4 Truth teachers by reciting the catechisms and verses word for word every week.  She talks like a grown-up, and is gaining a reputation at church for being a 40-year-old in a 4-year-old body.  My granddaddy says, “She lived before.”

She bounces more than she walks.  She climbs whatever can be climbed.  She has bruises on her bruises.  At gymnastics, she bounces even while standing in line.  One of her greatest accomplishments:  learning how to “jump up and down on one foot” which she now does with the best of them.  She wiggles even in her sleep.

She is learning the things of God, and occasionally points out (usually when her sister is getting into trouble):  “Mommy, I’m pleasing God, not Satan, right?”  She loves to make up songs and do shows, and they almost always include lyrics like, “I love God and God loves me, yes He does yes He does.”  She prays for a new heart every night, and that is our deepest desire for her.

Catherine is, as I said, sunshine in our lives.  She brightens up our house.  She astounds us with her intelligence, her easygoing personality, and her sweetness.

Happy birthday, Catherine Grace.  I love you so much.

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