The Wedding!!!

So for those who don’t know, we were in Somerset last week to celebrate with Chad and Britani, two very dear friends, as they became their own family.   In a moment of questionable sanity, Britani asked not only for me to be a bridesmaid, but for all three of my girls to be flower girls.  The planning went on for more than a year, and it all finally culminated last weekend.  As the day approached, I became more and more nervous.  It was worse than my own wedding!!  I was so afraid one of my girls would do something disruptive during the ceremony.  But, thank goodness, my fears were in vain.  The planning, the work, the dreams all came together in a beautiful, nearly perfect day.  The bride was beautiful, no one argued or got upset (at least to my knowledge), the decorations were finished and in place and perfect, and the little girls did the best that anyone could have asked them to do.  They were extremely cute in their dresses that Nanny made, three little flower girls and one little bell ringer.  Abigail played her part like a princess, which in her mind I’m sure she was.  Catherine was very deliberate with her petal-dropping, placing them gently on the floor one at a time as she walked down the aisle.  She still had a basket-full when she got to the front, and she stopped and turned around.  I could tell she was considering going back to drop the rest, so I whispered a rather frantic encouragement to come on and find her tape to stand on.  She came and I breathed a sigh of relief.  Elisabeth made her march much more quickly, came straight to Mommy and stood still, holding my hand.  I was again relieved.  But then she started swinging her basket around a little too much and dropped it, spilling the petals out onto the floor.  I held my breath.  The vows went on, and as they did, Elisabeth got down in the floor and began picking up the petals.  I caught Sheryl’s eye (the mother of the bride)–she motioned for me to leave her alone.  Elisabeth kept working, putting all the petals back in the basket.  She crawled a little further away.  I caught Sheryl’s eye again, she still said let her go.  More petals went in the basket.  Finally, she got all the ones that had spilled, but she started eyeing the petals at the end of the aisle runner.  She really wanted to start picking those up too.  I assessed the situation, and made a mommy-judgment call, picking up her basket and holding it.  She was on the verge of arguing with me, so I leaned down and whispered, “Do you want to go sit with Daddy?” who was seated at the front for just such a purpose.  She nodded, I motioned, she went, and I had another sigh of relief.  By this time Britani and Chad were pretty much married and I had missed the whole thing.  Elisabeth rejoined us as we left for the recessional, and with that, it was all over.  After some more pictures, we left for the reception where we partied and danced until 10:00.  My girls had an absolutely awesome time.  They jumped up and down for three full hours.  All three of them had a blast.  It was so fun watching them, and watching everyone else who had worked so hard to bring it all together getting to celebrate the perfect day, as well as the new family that had just been formed.

Congratulations, Britani and Chad!!  Thank you so much for letting us play such a special role in your special day.  We love you both and can’t wait to see what God has for your future.

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