Our Kindergarten Graduate

A couple of weeks ago, on Father’s Day, actually, we had a graduation ceremony for Abigail.  Our first big homeschool milestone!  She worked very hard all year learning the Bible verses from Susan Hunt’s ABC Bible Verse book, and so that’s what we decided to let her share with our family.  She read a poem written by her mommy about her kindergarten year, recited her verses, and then we presented her with her diploma that we had designed especially for her.  Everyone was extremely kind to bring her gifts, so she was excited about that.  Mommy and Daddy gave her a diary, and that tickled her.  Although it felt slightly rushed, squeezing it in around wedding and birthday, I felt like it turned out very nicely.  I can’t believe I now have a first grader!!  I am very proud of how well she’s doing in school and am extremely excited to get going on this next year!!

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6-24-2009 1;08;06 PM

6-24-2009 1;09;23 PM

6-24-2009 1;10;33 PM

My Kindergarten Year

My mommy was my teacher,
My classroom was the table.
With a baby, a move, and an ice storm
We did school as we were able.

We began each day with prayer,
We learned some Bible verses.
We read stories from God’s Word
About blessings, kings, and curses.

It took us two whole years
But we finally made it through
The Child’s Story Bible
And the coloring pages too.

The ABC Bible Verse book
Gave me a new verse for each letter.
They help me to be kind and good
And learn to know God better.

The Phonics Museum made reading a snap,
Learning spelling, digraphs, and blends.
Now that I can read so well
The adventure will never end.

Spelling tests were the hardest,
Although I tried my best.
We read tales of queens and battles
And a wagon train going west.

Geoboards and pattern blocks
Made Saxon Math so fun.
We made a store and counted dimes
And solved the “doubles plus one.”

We read of a peddler with caps for sale,
Met Corduroy and Little Bear.
We saw Peter Rabbit, and Frog and Toad,
And Floss was also there.

We gave that silly mouse a cookie,
We heard Stone Soup was yummy,
And Frances learned that bread and jam
Just could not fill her tummy.

We traveled each week to Melody Lane
Where the mayor showed us around.
We learned about beat and tempo and rhythm
And how Bach and Beethoven sound.

I’m thankful for my kindergarten year
And all the memories I’ve made.
But now that’s done.  It’s time to move on.
Here I come, First Grade!

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