Yes, we’re still here!

When summer was busy, I did better at posting.  When summer slowed down, I guess my brain did too!  But we’re all still here, all still well.  We had an extremely busy June that flew by, and a very not-busy July that dragged on and on.  I am so excited that it’s August and we can start getting back into the daily routines that help me keep my sanity.  Lazy days of summer are nice for a little while, but my whole family does better with the structure of the school year.

Abigail and Catherine are both really excited about starting homeschool in a few weeks.  We’re not starting until the 24th because we’re going on vacation next week!!!  Not a real, hotel, beach, or other exotic vacation, but it works for us.  Heading to Somerset for a few days, spending time with family, celebrating Samuel’s birthday early, going to Cumberland Falls.  Then we’ll head to Louisville via Lexington where we’ll hit the Children’s Museum.  In Louisville we’ll enjoy a free day at the zoo, and a day at Six Flags, while staying with a friend from our Beechmont days.  Nothing fancy, but we’re good at making simple turn out fun.

We’ve enjoyed some visits from family and friends.  We’ve enjoyed meeting up with family and friends for fun days elsewhere.  We even managed to squeeze in a couple of dates, albeit with baby in tow.  Spent some time in the sand box, sliding on the slip’n’slide, and just eating popsicles outside under the shade tree.  Visited a few playgrounds.  Discovered the joy of chapter books at the library, especially American Girls and Betsy books.  Hit the zoo a few times, loving our family passes that get us into Evansville, Nashville, and Louisville.  Enjoyed ice cream way too many evenings!  Just milked every drop out of summer as we could.

Now we’re looking to fall, getting into school mode and a more structured mindset.  We’ve got all our homeschool curriculum, and I spent a few hours sorting and organizing and roughly scheduling out the year.  We hit Target in Nashville, where the girls had a great time picking out folders and pencils and notebooks and such.  Catherine is super excited to start preschool and learn to read.  Abigail is excited, and a little nervous, about first grade.  Mommy is nervous about the fact that school no longer fits neatly into naptime, and we have to figure out how to do school while Elisabeth is awake!  I’m extremely excited about this homeschool year, both because I’m moving on and starting with my second child, and because Abigail is moving up into more subjects, including spelling, geography, and grammar.

We’ve also enjoyed the summer with our new church family, all with an eye toward fall.  Summer activities have been great, but Clay and I are both ready to jump into the new fall happenings at Salem Baptist Church.  We’re beginning this coming weekend with the fall purity retreat for the youth and their parents.  Clay is really encouraged by all the parents that are taking the weekend to go with us and spend time with their students, urging them to live pure lives.  It’s truly a big step in the direction of the family focus he desires for his ministry.  He and I will both be teaching, and we’re looking forward to Eric and Kelly joining us to lead worship.   Another exciting new development this fall is the Discipleship Training semester starting in September, which will find both Clay and myself teaching classes.  Clay’s teaching a class on parenting teenagers and I’m going to lead the women through Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ Lies Women Believe.  It’s my first opportunity to teach “grown-ups” on my own, so I’m slightly nervous, but there is a passion in my heart to share with other women the resources that God has graciously placed in my path to spur me onto Godliness, so I am eagerly anticipating this ten week course.

So there’s a little bit of our lives over the past little bit.  We’re looking forward to seeing what God has in store for fall!

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