Overheard at the Hall house

Just a few recent remarks from my remarkable children.  (Warning: some involve bodily functions.  Sorry for the gross-ness. It comes with having kids, you know.)

*  “I burped in the potty.”–Elisabeth.  She is really having trouble with potty terminology, and this is her current terminology for “number 2.”

*  “Mom, Elisabeth messied on the deck!”–Abigail.  Apparently Elisabeth said she needed to pee-pee while they were playing outside.  Abigail loves any chance to walk on the wild side by pottying outdoors, so she offered to help Bess “squat.”  Unfortunately, she neglected to move her off the deck onto the grass.  Also unfortunately, Elisabeth’s mixed-up potty vocabulary struck again–she didn’t need to just pee-pee.  And also unfortunately, it wasn’t nice and neat, but runny and yucky.  (Told you it would be gross.)  The good news:  they managed to keep from getting any on clothing.  The strange part:  Abigail waited until she had already re-dressed Elisabeth and gotten back on the swing to bother to shout the above-quoted phrase into the window to me.

*  “Mom, what are we doing?”–Catherine.  Bless her little heart, she uttered this question in a confused, sleepy voice as she awoke to find herself standing in the bathroom in front of the toilet while her mommy was stripping her clothes off of her and trying to put her in the shower at 3:30 am.  She had thrown up in her sleep and I was trying to talk to her and get her cleaned up, and she had no idea anything had even happened.  What a rude awakening, huh?

*  “Mommy, why you have a hiccup in your mouth?”  and “Mommy, stop talking like that!”–Elisabeth.  Trying to figure out this whole “Mommy’s lost her voice” thing.

* “Don’t wash my mouth.  Either my nose.  There’s ookies in there.  (pause, thinking) Why me take my ookies in the bathtub?”–Elisabeth.  I have no explanation for this one.

*  “Baa.”–Samuel.  This usually means ball, but can mean bite, or anything else because he says it constantly.

*  “Daddy, is it polite to take tiny sips of your drink, and then take big, deep breaths after you take a sip?”–Abigail.  Apparently she’s got good manner admonitions, and relaxtion exercises from Daddy’s art lessons all swirling around getting mixed up inside her head.

*  “Daddy, I did more work than Mommy!”–Catherine.  She was super excited to be the only kid in the grocery store with Mommy, where she got to push her own little cart and put Mommy-approved items in it all by herself.  She was especially thrilled that her cart had more items than mine did.

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