Happy birthday, Samuel Frederic!

Well, it’s already been a year!  It’s hard to believe.  Last year, we had all girls, and then with one moment, one announcement (“Monica, it’s a little boy!”) our world shifted from all pink to a little blue.  This last year has brought lots of changes to our family, but through it all our little man has remained mellow, content, happy, and easygoing.  He quickly gained a reputation for being “the best baby,” and–aside from getting kind of mean when he’s hungry–he still holds the title.  He’s content nearly all the time, finding ways to entertain himself if no one else is doing the job.  He gets praised everywhere we go, and he spreads joy to everyone he meets.  We’ve so far managed to protect him from too much “feminizing” from his sisters; his daddy is pretty firm that his boy will not wear pink or be dressed up.  He loves to explore now that he’s mobile (crawling, still refusing to walk) and I’ve had to rescue him from a few precarious positions–like from the top of the stepstool this morning as he was trying to pull the duster out of the vacuum cleaner.  His main fault is an unfortunate liking for dog food, and he gets dragged away from Elliot’s dish at least once a day.  He doesn’t talk much yet, just says “baa” which means various things at various times, and “bye-bye” comes out pretty clear.  But when he sees someone he likes, he grins from ear to ear and points to them, as if to say, “Hey, I know you!”  He is extremely ticklish, and loves to laugh at his sisters as well, so we find ourselves laughing at him laughing quite frequently.  We love him fiercely and the memory of our all-pink household fades a little more every day.  We have a boy now, and a fine boy he is.  Happy birthday, Samuel Frederic.  May God shed His grace upon you as you grow, and may you find His favor and grow into a strong, godly man.

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