Prayer update

Just wanted to post a quick update on our current situation.  Our Lafayette house is back on the market, listed $8,000 lower and has already shown twice in the past two days.  We are praying hard for a quick sell.  We will be taking a loss with it at this price, but to sell it we had no other option.  We have a couple different options for how to meet that loss:  lots of people have recommended a short sale, in which the lender eats the loss, we pay taxes on the loss, and it hurts our credit, although not nearly as much as a foreclosure; or if we can go on and get approved for the mortgage on the Salem house, the banker said we can probably lump the loss from the Lafayette house into the new mortgage, having no negative effect on our credit.  This would obviously be our preference.  There are lots of other details that would be very confusing if I tried to type them all out, but that’s the gist of the situation.  Please be in prayer with us.  The most urgent issue is just that our house would sell, like, yesterday.  Our Realtor picked the new listing price, sounding pretty confident that this is a price that will move the house.  We cannot pay the mortgage on it once our renter leaves, and that may be at the end of this month.  So please please please pray with us!!

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One Response to Prayer update

  1. Courtney Foster says:

    We are praying for and with you guys. What a cool website you got here. You go girl.

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