We survived a Salem winter, enjoyed a Salem spring, and played through a Salem summer. But there’s nothing like a Salem Fall!!!

Finally some fall pictures to share!  The first part is from our Connect Group Fall Party, the Saturday before Halloween.  It was so much fun:  watching the kids run around and laugh and play, roasting hot dogs, carving pumpkins, smashing a pinata, making s’more’s, and going on a hayride.  Our kids had a blast, and we did too.  What a great group of friends God has blessed us with here at this church and in this particular class.  The last half of the pictures, of course, are from Halloween.  We spent the morning in Marion with the Combs family, trick-or-treating down Main Street.  Very crowded, but lots of fun.  We went home, rested a while, emptied the pumpkins of their morning haul, and headed to our church’s Harvest Party to fill up again.  Haven’t heard official numbers yet, but the guess is that we fed around 500 people at the chili supper, and there very well could have been more there that didn’t eat.  Not bad for a town of 700!  The Activities Team put on a great event, and once again we had a blast.  Clay debuted his cow-print suit, which immediately had people daring him to wear it Sunday morning to lead worship.  They started a pot, which grew to $165 before the night was over, which would have gone to him had he given in.  But my husband is a man of principle to his core, and he would not ignore the conviction that worship is a time of reverence and focus on the glory of God, and nothing about wearing a cow-print suit on a dare would add to that reverence.  So, to the amazement of some, he refrained.  I love being married to a man of convictions.  But we still had a great night playing games, winning prizes, and riding a mini-hayride.  When we got home and dumped out all the candy from the whole day, it weighed in a 6 1/2 pounds!  And Samuel didn’t even have a bucket, so I can just imagine what next year’s loot will look like.  So the moral of the story is:  If you give my children presents at Christmas, PLEASE don’t give them candy.  We have enough to last quite awhile!!!  Happy fall, everyone!

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