Number five will soon arrive!

This may be old news since most people who read this have probably either heard in person or via Facebook, but……

Hall baby number five will, Lord willing, arrive sometime late June or early July!! 

Okay, now the truth.  As to my previous post regarding our philosophy on family size, I had that composed in my head and had been waffling about whether to post it or not for a couple of weeks, then I got the positive test, so I posted it the next day.  We took the leap of faith, deciding to trust God with the timing of our next baby, but I honestly didn’t dream that He would act so fast.  I thought I would have a couple of months, at least, and that hopefully we’d get an offer on our house before time for a big announcement.  But that’s not what He decided to do in our family, so here we are!

The main question people have asked me is not the one I had expected.  I had expected a smart-mouthed, “Don’t you know what causes that?”  I’ve gotten that one before, but surprisingly didn’t get it this time.  Instead, I heard over and over, “Are you excited?”  This was usually asked in a cautious voice, as if they expected the answer to be no.  Well, let me go public and say, “Yes!  Absolutely I’m excited.”  Especially now that the telling is over with.  I was nervous about that, but now that we’ve gone public, I’m excited.  I love being pregnant, I love having babies, I love the excitement of wondering who is joining our family, I love hearing Clay in his giddy glee tell me in the delivery room who our new child is, I love bringing the new baby home, I love  when things finally settle down and that  baby figures out how to live in this crazy world outside the womb, and I love watching a new personality begin to shine right in front of me.  I love giving my kids a new sibling to be their best friend.  I love adding a new future student to our classroom.  I love the excitement of wondering what this new person is going to add to our family.  I love watching the new baby grow into a toddler and suddenly acting like a little kid instead of a baby, and then into a preschooler and suddenly start acting like a big kid instead of a little kid.  God has richly blessed me with four healthy pregnancies, four healthy babies, and four children who are an absolute joy.  Why wouldn’t I be excited that He is, Lord willing, about to do that again?  

In the World Magazine that was waiting for us when we got home from Thanksgiving, there is an editorial about the joys of large families.  What perfect timing!    Large families–coming from one growing from six to seven, which by some definitions isn’t large at all, you know–are loud, sometimes chaotic, usually messy, kind of expensive, usually crowded–especially in the vehicle–and sometimes hard to work around logistically as far as childcare, travel, or even dinner seating issues are concerned.  But in my house, and in other houses of large families that we have come into contact with, large families simply multiply the joy, and that was the focus of the World editorial.  Yes, where one child can throw a fit, sometimes three or four will throw a fit at the same time in a large family.  Yes, we’ll be buying diapers for a long time.  Yes, all those other arguments people could imagine as to why we might not be excited at this news.  But I’m afraid people who would question my excitement are simply short-sighted.  I do feel absolutely compelled by God to live this lifestyle, and while it is hard for me to do it in the face of so much unsoliciteed advice and even rude criticism, usually from people I don’t even know, the nice thing is that what God compels you to do, He usually graciously makes that the desire of your heart as well.  Having a large family is absolutely the desire of our hearts.  We love our kids, we love having babies,  and we love the thought of having more children.  How many more?  Wouldn’t you, and I, love to know.  We’ll wait and see what God has in store, but for now, we’ll just spend the next several months basking in the excitement of dreaming about baby number five, who will be here before we know it!!

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One Response to Number five will soon arrive!

  1. Helen says:

    Darling, anyone who would rudely criticize you for bringing a whole slew of children into this world does not know you as I did. You’re living the life that you always wanted to live when we were kids. I couldn’t be happier for you and Clay… and your three little ladies, and your handsome little man, and your new mango sized baby….

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