At our house

In the midst of the chaos that is our lives, our children are constantly cracking us up.  Unfortunately I rarely keep their hilarity in my brain long enough to record it here.  But I worked hard over the past few days and remembered some!!  So here you go…

Abigail:  I’ve written before about “Let’s Finish Playing.”  Well, now Elisabeth gets in on the action, which her big sisters will tolerate for a limited time only.  One day recently, they were playing and letting her join in on the sidelines.  She quickly figured out the rules:  keep adding to the scenario while your sisters acknowledge your addition with a “Yeah.”  Abigail and Catherine were doing their best to play, but Elisabeth kept throwing stuff in like, “And I’m the mommy.”  “And you’re the daughter.”  “And Cafrine’s the sister.”  Everything she said, Abigail would throw a “Yeah” over her shoulder.  Finally, Elisabeth had reached Abigail’s limit, and I heard a frustrated, “Elisabeth, will you please quit making me say ‘Yeah’!”  I guess rules are rules–you must acknowledge the additions with a “Yeah” but Abigail was sure getting tired of it!!!

Catherine:  We decided to use New Year’s Eve as a special time for our family to sit down and talk about ways we’ve grown over the past year and ways we’d like to grow in the coming year.  We asked our kids questions like “What can you do now that you couldn’t do at the beginning of the year?”  “What would you like to be able to do this time next year?” and “What do you think you should try to stop doing in the coming year?”  On this last one, I was hoping for answers like stop complaining, stop throwing fits, etc.  Catherine, who had just heard her mommy asking her if she was sure she wanted to order chicken to eat since she orders chicken every single time we eat out, thought for a minute, cocked her head, and said, “I think I need to stop eating so much chicken all the time!”

Elisabeth:  I could fill a book on the funny things she says, but I’ll just give you two now, and they were both last Thursday on the way to and in Paducah.  I was extremely tired and not feeling well, and the kids were coming off ten days of being spoiled–I mean, cared for–by the family in Somerset so they were crazy cranky all day and I had about filled my quota of what I could take by the time Clay picked us up for the weekly Paducah run.  So when we got in the van I told Elisabeth, who likes to talk nonstop to me in the van, that Mommy was in time-out and she couldn’t talk to me, she would have to talk to Daddy.  She let that go for awhile, chattering away to Daddy.  Then about halfway there, she said, “Mommy, why you do have to sit in the time-out corner?”  Unfortunately she’s had some experience with the time-out corner in the nursery at church, and she hadn’t seen me hit or take away, so she was concerned.  I told her it was because I was cranky and I needed to calm down.  As we got closer to Paducah I was feeling calmer and she was being cute so I was answering her when she suddenly said in a very excited voice, “Mommy, you are not cranky anymore?  You not have to be in the time-out corner anymore!”  She was so proud of me, I couldn’t help cheering up.  Then, as we got into town, she started asking when we were going to “the Ducah.”  We told her we were already in Paducah.  She asked, “Are we all going in?”  We asked where.  She said, “In the Ducah.”  We tried to explain that Paducah was a city, that everything around her was Paducah.  She let it go for awhile, then later asked again, “When we get to the Ducah, are we all going in?”  I figured she thought Paducah was a certain place, so I asked her what she liked to do in Paducah.  She said get snacks.  So I’m thinking she thinks the store is Paducah, so I asked if the grocery store was Paducah, and she said “No, that’s the gocey store, not the Ducah!!”  She got slightly irritated with us and apparently we never did make it to “the Ducah” because I still have no idea what “the Ducah” is!

Samuel:  Well, he’s starting to say a few more words, but still not much, so his funny stuff is what he does more than what he says.  The latest and greatest was last Saturday night.  Mommy wasn’t feeling great still, so Daddy took pity on her and we drove to Marion to hit up McDonald’s drive through and bring it back home.  We camped out in the living room to have a picnic while watching a movie.  We dragged Samuel’s high chair in there but left it parked in the back of the room, so he was a good seven or eight feet away from the girls on their blanket.  He was done eating and wanted down, but we left him in his chair while trying to get the girls to hurry up, because we knew he would make a huge mess of their food if we let him down.  Apparently he got bored, because the next thing we knew, chicken nugget pieces started sailing through the air toward the girls’ blanket.  They started giggling, until he nailed Abigail in the back of the head.  Then they started hooting and hollering, so of course he thought he was being the stuff and kept throwing.  His next shot hit Catherine square in the head!  He was chucking those things all the way across the room and hitting them right on the noggin!  We were cracking up and completely amazed at his throwing arm.  He just sat in his little seat, grinning from ear to ear!

So there are a few snippets.  My kids are hilarious and I love them like crazy.  Thanks for letting me share them with you.

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