We would appreciate your prayers…

…in a few different areas.

*  Our house still has had no bites.  Thankfully, our mortgage company has granted us forebearance until March, pending review of our situation at that time, and our renter has informed us that he’s staying at least through February, so those are two huge blessings.  But we really need that house to sell.  New baby makes this even more urgent, because our house here in Salem is bursting at the seams, with two in every bedroom and no room for a third in either kid room.  We can add a bedroom by closing in the carport, but not until we buy the house and we can’t buy the house until we sell the other house, so…you see the urgency.  Please pray that the house would sell, and at a price that we won’t be paying off the difference for the next thirty years.

*  Partly related, when the house transactions are all said and done, our income will fall slightly short of the new house payment, since it will be more than our rent is.  Clay is officially on the sub list now for Livingston County, and almost on the list for Crittenden County, to have some income to fill in the gap.  It will only take 4-5 days a month of him subbing to make up the difference, and with his job at church, he really can’t do much more than that anyway.  So pray for sub calls, but not too many sub calls, because if he has to turn down a bunch for his ministry, they may quit calling.

*  Not as huge but much more immediate–please pray that our van gets fixed and returned to us soon!  We had to leave our Focus in Somerset in all of the holiday travel shuffle, which was no big deal since I’m home in the day and Clay can just use the van.  At least it was no big deal until Sunday night, when Clay and the kids came out from church and the ignition would not even turn to start the van.  No one could figure it out there, so it was towed into the shop the next day, where it still sits.  They can fix it easily as soon as they get the part that is on a nation-wide backorder right now.  So we are left vehicle-less.  Clay”s been walking to and from the church, we missed gymnastics tonight which stinks since we have to pay anyway, we desperately need a grocery run, we have a babysitter lined up for us to have a date Saturday, and no vehicle.  Pray that we’re able to get done what needs done and tolerate going without the rest, with a thankful heart.

*  Please pray for our church right now.  January at Salem Baptist Church is Prayer Emphasis Month, and for the second year in a row, the devil is kicking hard during January.  Pray that personal preferences would not take place ahead of desire for God to work, and that as the devil works, the leadership would remain steadfast to do kingdom work as they are led by God. 

*  And of course, for the next several months, please continue to pray for our new baby, for a healthy pregnancy, and for our growing family.  I go back to the doctor January 14 and hopefully all will continue to be well.

Thanks so much for your prayers.  God definitely uses the prayers of His people!  Let us know how we can pray for you.

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