Happy (belated) birthday, Abigail Nicole!

Due to Clay being out of town last week, along with his computer, and being very busy since he came home, I am just now getting to posting Abigail’s birthday blog.  She turned 7 last Wednesday, February 10, or “Harry-Ferry 10” as she used to say (wasn’t it only yesterday?). 

My oldest child,

Can you really be seven?  Are you really reading those big thick books, and writing stories with every word spelled correctly, and labelling adjectives, adverbs, and prepositional phrases?  Is that really my little girl cracking those jokes that are actually funny?  Do I really have a child that has graduated out of the littlest girl departments in the stores?  It cannot be possible.  I absolutely love watching you bloom into a big kid.  You are growing more responsible, and I am able to trust you more and more with jobs and responsibilities at home.  You are finally learning some control over those huge emotions that you have always had, and I am so proud every time I watch you fight and gain control.  You are pulling away just a bit from your younger sisters and cousins, playing hard with them for a while, but then needing a bit of quiet reading time on your own to recharge.  I watch you do that and I see myself, for you are like me in that regard.  We both love to play and be right there with those we love, but we need that time alone in between.  You told me the other day that when you grow up, you want to work with wild animals like gazelles and cheetahs, and help other people learn about them.  Your love of and fascination with animals and animal facts has exploded over the past several months, and as you told me that, I thought, “She just might do that.”  You are still so compassionate, crying over the pain and sadness of others nearly as much as you cry over your own troubles, including the trials of those in books and movies.  It’s been so fun to watch you blossom socially since we moved to Salem, where there are kids your age and you finally have friends to invite over and grow up with, which has been my fervent desire during all of our moving around years.  We’re thinking your “thing” is going to be acting and singing, and we hope to be able to start you in classes before too much more time goes by.  We can just picture you taking the stage by storm.

My precious Abigail Nicole, as much as I can’t believe how big you are, I love watching it.  I can’t wait to see what this next year holds for you, and for our relationship as you become more and more independent and responsible and “big-kid-ish.”  I pray that this would be the year of salvation, that God would take all of your wonderful qualities and begin to use them for His glory and for His kingdom.  May you continue to grow and develop with a heart soft toward God, on your way to being a godly wife and mom some day.  Happy birthday, Abigail.  I love you so much.

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