I promise I am not making this up!

Every day for literature, Abigail reads a chapter in her book then answers some comprehension questions about that chapter.  She just finished Little House on the Prairie last week, and I guess toward the end of such a long (26 chapters) book, she was getting a little bored with the status quo, because when I checked over her worksheet for Chapter 21, this is what I found.  I promise this is word-for-word, punctuation and spelling all exactly as she wrote it.

1.  When winter ended at last, what was it time for Pa to do in Independence?

        “It was time for pa to take his furs there.”

2.  Describe the sound that Laura and Mary heard while playing hop-scotch.

      “It was Indian like, and, um, uh, screamish? I guess.”

3.  What was the treat that made Ma’s eyes shine softly at Pa?

      “It was uh, hmmm, I wonder, I know, the headbands!”

4.  How does the author describe the sound of Pa’s laugh?

      “It was uh, hmmm, let me think, oh yeah, it sounded like bells.”

5.  What did folks in Independence say that the government was going to do to the white settlers?

      “They were going to send them out!  Isn’t that terrible?!”

And there you have it.  If your work is kind of boring, spice it up!

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