Making up for lost time…

It’s not often these days that I actually get on a real computer–I have to wait until Clay brings his home from work and most of those nights I get too lazy by the time the kids are in bed and I talk myself out of doing whatever seemed so important earlier in the day.  That’s why my blogs are so few and far between lately, but I finally sat down tonight to try to get caught up. 

Just a quick update to go with the other two blogs for tonight:

New baby number five is progressing well–we’re at 18 1/2 weeks now and I’m just barely starting to feel those glorious little movements.  Thankfully, because everything is moving along normally, there is not much else to report there, other than the fact that we were able to name another reason for my constant tiredness:  at my last two appointments my blood pressure was low (90/50 last week) which the nurse said would result in being tired all the time, but was otherwise ok.  Not that this makes being constantly tired any more fun, but at least I have some legitimate reasons for it.

As far as our housing situation goes, we are currently trying to tie down all the loose ends with a former church member who has moved away, to move into her vacant house as soon as possible.  It looks to be a wonderful move for us, although we still haven’t seen the inside, simply because of the extra space.  It has five bedrooms and an extra family room, which will allow us to actually have a spot for all of our stuff (not to mention all of our children!) and give us some room for play and school other than in the living room and kitchen.  It’s just right down the street from where we are now, and only $100 more in rent per month.  God has truly blessed us in this situation, and we can’t wait to get moved.

In Lafayette, our renter is staying one more month, and then we’ve asked him to move on so that we can clean it up (again) and find a long-term renter.  Our only option in selling was to take a short-sale, which we really want to avoid if at all possible, so we’re going to try this route in the hopes that we’ll find a renter to sign a long-term lease and cover our mortgage, and then place it back on the market when we get some more equity in it and the market is better, so that we will hopefully break even and not take a loss.

Clay spent last week at our former church in Lafayette, at their annual Biblical Counseling Training Conference, which served to solidify the leading we had been perceiving for him to pick back up with school, getting his master’s in biblical counseling.  We are really excited about this, not ignoring the sacrifices that will be involved, and are praying that he’ll be able to start that this summer through Faith Seminary.   Please be in prayer with us about this process–paying for it, working through it, the weeks he’ll have to be up there, juggling school, work and family, all that good stuff.

We spent the last couple of weeks celebrating birthdays, with Elisabeth, Clay, and Abigail all having birthdays within 12 days of each other.  The most exciting part of all that was taking Abigail for her birthday present:  getting her ears pierced.  I wasn’t sure what to expect out of her, but she did awesome, tearing up a little but not crying!  She is loving her new birthstone earrings, and they look beautiful.

Now, after a hectic few weeks, we’re all looking forward to heading to Somerset Thursday, then on to Florida on Friday where we’ll spend a week with Nanny at Disneyworld!!  I am like a little child in my excitement, and although the kids have no idea what to expect, they’re excited because I’m excited.  I’m sure we’ll have lots of great pictures to post when we get back.

Okay, I think that’s about it.  One more bonus about our move:  we will have space for a desk again, which means we’ll get to set up our desktop that has been gathering dust for a year, and I’ll have computer access whenever I want.  Hopefully then I’ll be more consistent with my posts.

Thanks for all your prayers through our journeys.

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