God is so good.

Just wanted to post a quick update on our situations.  God is truly blessing us lately.  We found out this week that our mortgage on the Lafayette house has been approved for a modification–consisting of lowering the interest rate over 3 percentage points and knocking more than $150 off of our monthly payment.  We also found out that our renter wants to stay until August, which means we’ll be clearing $200+ a month until then, with the prayer of moving a long-term renter in as soon as he leaves, and with our lower mortgage payment we can offer a lower rent which will hopefully entice a quick turn-around. 

We are supposed to get the keys to our new house in Salem on Monday, so we’ve been filling up boxes to start hauling over there little by little next week.  I am so excited about this move; just having the extra space (not to mention a dishwasher!) is going to be wonderful. 

While the last few weeks have not been without chaos and even controversy at church, God has shown us His goodness through the people here who love us and go out of their way to let us know that.  We have some real friends here, people who are like family to us in just the short time we’ve been here, and we are thankful to be here serving with them. 

While we were advised and encouraged to go on and try to squeeze out a mortgage to buy this house, we just really felt that would be very unwise for our family’s finances and made the decision to let it go and look for a rental.  That may be the first really big financial decision that we’ve made wisely, and now it just seems like God is showing us that He honors that decision by making our existing mortgage easier to bear, and providing us with a house that will be much better suited to our family’s needs for only a small increase in rent.  Even though the past week has been tough on one hand, with me being in bed most of the week unable to kick a bad sinus infection and Clay having to spend much of his time at home with the children even while the church chaos swirled around him, we look back at this week and just bask in the goodness of God because of the way He seems to be clearing our path of burdens and pressures and proving His faithfulness once again.  Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised!

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  1. jackieblankenship says:

    I am so happy to hear this!

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