Motivation to keep going

As if all the crazy circumstances in my last post weren’t enough, my sweet Catherine has been fighting fever and unspecified sickness since Sunday night. Every time we decided to call the doc, she perked up enough to make us change our minds. But after getting up at 4:45 this morning with her as she was burning up and throwing up, we called–even though she again perked up and even played outside. Well, she–because of everything she’s been exposed to over the past couple of days–was subjected to all kinds of harsh treatment. Strep test: negative. Mono test: negative. Hand-foot-mouth disease inspection: negative. Ear exam: bingo! Double ear infection! She came home, Tylenol wearing off and feverish again, miserable and holding up her little pricked finger like a badge of honor. We dosed her up and she crashed on the couch, watching everyone get ready for church without her. Finally they were all gone and she got strawberries and milk and snuggle time with Mom. As we lay there, excited over the discovery that the Snoopy Easter special was coming on, I heard her tiny little voice say, “I’m never going to forget this day. It’s the best day ever.”
Curious as to how she could have that outlook after the extremely rough day she had just had, I asked what made it the best day ever. She said simply, “I get to snuggle with you and watch a show I’ve never seen before.” What more does this exhausted, sickly mommy need to keep putting one tired foot in front of the other and take care of these precious children?

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