To catch up

Can I plead pregnancy exhaustion to excuse my laziness in blog posts lately?  If that excuse won’t work, how about being pregnant while fighting mono?  Maybe it’s just pure laziness.  I don’t know, but I’m committed to finally posting all of the posts that have written themselves in my mind over the past few weeks.  But first, let’s catch up.

I still have lingering mono symptoms, although my energy levels have improved noticeably over the last two weeks.  Throughout March and most of April, it was way more than normal pregnancy weakness, but now I think I have as much energy as any 29-week-pregnant mother of four would have.  The pain in my throat is not budging or lessening however, and is still so significant that I shelled out another co-pay this morning just to make sure it was indeed related to the mono and not some other strange ailment.  Yes, it’s residual effects of mono and yes, apparently I can expect it to be my companion for as much as another couple months.  Sigh.  Lord, be made strong in my weakness.

All that aside, though, Pregnancy 5 is progressing wonderfully.  We had The Ultrasound a couple weeks ago, and even though we again chose not to find out the gender, we did find out that we have a beautifully healthy baby and everything looked perfect.  11 weeks to go until we find out if Samuel gets a partner or Elisabeth finally gets her own younger sister, if we get a Silas or a Sophie.  There are moments when I get a little freaked out at the thought that in less than three months I will have 5 children, but I preach one of my favorite reminders to myself:  “God hasn’t given me the grace for that yet.  He has given me the grace for today, and when I get there He’ll give me the grace for that day.” 

We are 18 school days away from finishing up the school year that was again interrupted with all kinds of unforeseen circumstances.  I’ve already gotten next year’s curriculum in, and have had to calm my excitement over next year down in order to focus on finishing this year well.  Both girls have done and are doing extremely well, and I love homeschooling more every year.  It’s amazing to think we’re already finishing our third year of this homeschooling adventure. 

Abigail and Catherine are finishing up their first ever soccer season, just waiting on the rain to allow the Jamboree where they’ll get their trophies.  They have really enjoyed it, but we’re up in the air as to whether we’ll see a repeat performance in the fall.  We’re exploring some options in the area of arts or drama for Abigail, but they’re both doing well at gymnastics so we’ll stick with that for now as well.  Catherine is really excelling for her age, and doing most everything Abigail is doing, which is cause for some minor jealousy.  Elisabeth is super excited that she gets to start in June, and she is already doing cartwheels and landing on her feet, so I’m sure she’ll fit right in.

The big news for Clay is that he will begin seminary classes next week to start the journey toward a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling through Faith Bible Seminary, which is the seminary at our former church in Lafayette.  The classes are mostly online, with only four classes out of the whole program requiring a week on campus.  We are both really excited about this, and excited about the way God has brought us to the point where we feel ready to tackle seminary again with much better results this time.  He has graciously provided the funds for the first two classes, and most likely a third already as well, and we’re trusting Him to keep providing every semester.

We continue to be encouraged by people at church who are excited about growing and maturing as Christians, and right now it’s still easy for us to focus on the Spirit of God that is absolutely at work, instead of on the inevitable grumbling and frustration that is unfortunately always present in a group full of sinners.  It is on the whole a joy to minister here, and we are so thankful for the many people in this church family who go out of their way to love on us and make us part of the family.

All in all, life is good.  Not always smooth or easy, but definitely good.  Pour it out, Lord.  Pour it out.

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