It’s a sweet, sweet thing

For my Facebook status on this, our 10th wedding anniversary, I posted the bridge and chorus to a Sara Groves song that has been very meaningful to me here lately, and since it so completely sums up my feelings related to our anniversary, I had to make it the theme of my anniversary blog as well.

No couple can know each other completely when they’re standing on the altar, especially a couple as young as we were.  Most of life was still ahead of us, neither one of us had endured very many problems or hardships at all.  The bulk of the circumstances that shaped our character and made us who we are today would come after that sunny day in June 2000. 

In the first several years of marriage we kept secrets–kept our struggles secret, kept our hurts secret, kept our questions secret, tried to keep our sins secret.  We knew each other better than anyone else, but there were still hidden areas in our hearts that we kept secret even from each other.  Those hidden areas became heavier and heavier to maintain, and they were bound to come out into the open.

Well, there must be something about this small town air, because secrets don’t want to stay secrets here.  In the past year, God has opened up our hearts to each other, baring our souls in ways they’ve never been laid bare before.  Our dark struggles and questions and fears have come to light with lots of tears and wrestling.  But now we stand together.  Now we know each other more completely than ever before because we’ve helped each other come clean.  We’ve fought through the hidden areas and come through to a place where the light does shine down to our very insides.  And it truly is a sweet, sweet thing. 

There will still be struggles.  There will still be sin.  There will still be hurt and questions and fears.  But they are no longer secret.  In the secret, these things fester and grow and infect the soul.  But once the light shines on them, they no longer have power, and we have and will continue to expose them to the light. 

We never could have known the curve balls life would throw at us that we would have to carry with us.  Circumstances have shaped our character, but our responses to the circumstances have shaped our character more.  Our mistakes and lessons have made us who we are.  We imagined a “happy ever after” while standing on that altar, but our lives have been nothing like what we imagined.  Had we known all that was ahead, both the circumstances and the secrets we carried around, would we have believed that we would be happy?  I love Clay so much more than I could have dreamed ten years ago, because then I loved who I thought he was.  Now I love who I know he is, flaws and failures and all.  And he knows me, flaws and failures and all.  And it truly is a sweet, sweet thing.

Different Kinds of Happy–Sara Groves

Go on and ask me anything.  What do you need to know?

I’m not holding on to anything I’m not willing to let go

To be free, to be free.

I’ve got to ask you something but please don’t be afraid.

There’s a promise here that’s heavier than your answer might weigh.

Baby it’s me, it’s me.

It’s a sweet sweet thing, standing here with you and nothing to hide.

Light shining down to our very insides.

Sharing our secrets, baring our souls, helping each other come clean.

Secrets and ciphers, there’s no good way to hide.

There’s redemption in confession and freedom in the light.

I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid.

Better than our promises is the day we got to keep them.

I wish those two could see us now, they never would believe how

There are different kinds of happy

It’s a sweet sweet thing, standing here with you and nothing to hide.

Light shining down to our very insides.

Loving each other, knowing each other, sharing our secrets, baring our souls,

Helping each other come clean.

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