Happy birthday, Catherine Grace!!

It’s finally here–June 15th!  With two sisters and a cousin celebrating birthdays all very close together in January/February, it’s hard for a little girl to wait all the way to June!  Catherine told me last night that she’d be a lady once she turned 5, so I guess this is goodbye to my little girl.  We promised to take her to Chuck E. Cheese on Thursday unless she got married first. 

Catherine continues to be our sweet, mellow child.  She just has fun with life.  She is usually the first one to think of others or to try to help someone out.  She saw her daddy mowing the other day, asked him if he was tired, and ran into the house to ask if she could take him some lemonade like the boy in the storybook we read in school.  She is a tenderhearted child.  Her teachers and any other grownup that spends much time with her consistently use the word “sweet” to describe her.  She also has a deep faith already, being quick to suggest prayer for any dilemma that presents itself.  If she’s presented with a question she can’t answer, like why can’t Mommy make the power come back on, she eventually just gives it up to God:  Mommy can’t make the power come back on, only God can.  She is super excited about starting kindergarten in August, and she loves learning and doing school.  She continues to do well at gymnastics, being a natural monkey. 

My sweet Catherine Grace,

In some ways I can’t believe you’re already five years old, and in others ways I can’t believe it took this long.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the days leading up to your birth lately, as I’m almost re-experiencing those days this summer while waiting for New Baby.  We were so excited to welcome you into our family, and you have been a light in our lives ever since.  I love watching you learn of God, and hearing your simple, uncomplicated faith as you process life.  I pray that your heart is always this soft toward the things of God, and that you go on to do great things for the kingdom with the same steady trust that you exhibit now.  I think it’s hilarious to watch you boss the other kids around at church and they just do whatever you say–I pray that you develop from here into a strong leader in the future.  You are so easy to please and so quick to let others have their way, that I’m really excited to celebrate just you on this day, and for several days this week actually!  My little Catherine, I love you so much.  I pray that you have a wonderful birthday and a wonderful five-year-old year!

Love, Mommy

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