Fun in the Summer

I can’t believe we’re already a week into July and so much of the summer is already over!  We’ve been trying to balance being on the go and staying home to relax to try to make the most of the summer before New Baby joins us any day now.  After our fun Memorial Day weekend, Clay and I snuck off to Nashville for three days to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary, which was wonderful of course.  We took the dinner cruise on the General Jackson showboat, just the second day it reopened after the flood.  We visited some of Clay’s past in Dickson and in Nashville, and got to finally meet some cousins for the first time.  The next weekend, on one of those mornings when Clay is itching to go somewhere, we drove to Metropolis, IL to see the Superman town.  We had no clue that the annual Superman festival was in full swing, but that just made it more fun.  That night when we got home, we got a phone call offering us a free swingset, which may have been the highlight of the summer so far!  Then, it was finally time to celebrate Catherine’s birthday!!  She got to celebrate for almost a whole week– at home, in Somerset, and at the movies in Paducah.  We also hosted our very first sleepover, with Abigail and Catherine each inviting a friend to spend the night.  I wasn’t sure how it would go, especially at bedtime, but I was shocked when I tucked them all in the couch bed at 10:00, went upstairs, and didn’t hear a peep until morning!  I think it was a success!  We’ve spent time at friends’ houses, and having friends to our house.  We’ve spent lots of time getting wet in the pool and the slip-n-slide.  We’ve enjoyed our quiet street, with the girls on the bikes and trikes and Samuel pushing the toy lawn mower down the street.  This past week Abigail has loved participating in the Jungle Book auditions and rehearsals, with her big drama debut tomorrow evening.  We can’t wait to see our little monkey–she was aptly cast.  Elisabeth has finally started gymnastics and absolutely loves it.  She still asks every week if it’s still her turn.  Catherine is still basking in the fact that she’s five finally, and Samuel continues to explode his vocabulary week after week. 

So far we’ve had a terrific summer, and we’re just very excited now to meet the new little family member expected anytime now.  Below are some pictures of the fun we’ve been having.  Hope you enjoy them! 

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One Response to Fun in the Summer

  1. Monica,
    This is a shot in the dark. Got your website from a friend (Jeannie Walker). We both used to live in Scottsboro and went to First Baptist where your father in law was music director. Jeannie had your website in a Christmas card from Steve and Claudia last Christmas.

    I am looking for a welcome song he wrote that he used there that goes
    Welcome friend to the House of the Lord
    We’re so glad that you came our way
    As we worship in this place
    May you know His love and grace
    Through the fellowship we share today.

    This is what I remember. Have no access to the music or the words. Don’t know if he ever published it or whatever. I have always thought it was the perfect welcome song and wanted to share it with our music director.

    Read things on your website forever last night and enjoyed every minute. The whole family is so incredible. I had Stephanie in kindergarten long before I was qualified to teach kindergarten. Enjoyed her blog so much. Could just see her in every word.

    Know with all you have to do that you don’t have time for me, but will you or Clay put me in touch with Steve and Claudia when you have a minute.

    Sylvia Walker e-mail

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