Welcome, Silas Judson Hall!

Friday, July 16, 2010, at 8:53 pm I finally heard, “Babe, it’s another boy!”  We went to the doctor that morning not sure what would happen, but with our bag packed in the van just in case he said I could go straight to the hospital.  We’ve always kind of joked about that happening at the end of every pregnancy, but it still took me by surprise when my doctor really did say that!  We swung by Subway where I snuck in a turkey sandwich since I knew they wouldn’t let me eat once I got to the hospital, and went straight up to the Maternal/Child unit at Lourdes Hospital in Paducah.  Not much happened until about 6:30, when–without getting too graphic–things began to get a little more intense.  I learned that Stadol is good stuff, and Clay learned that when I say, “Get the doctor in here now!” I really know what I’m talking about.  A very intense ending that was mercifully quick, followed by some repair work that was unfortunately and unintentionally done without the mercy of any anesthetic (Let me just say, OUCH!!), and I finally was clear-minded enough to meet my second son, Silas Judson Hall.  We were and are so thrilled that we got our wish for Samuel to have a brother.  It is very exciting to dream about watching them grow and be best friends like our girls are best friends. 

My recovery from having Silas has been the easiest of all my babies.  I took three ibuprofens in the hospital, and that was it for pain meds for me.  I just didn’t need it, I felt really good.  We went out shopping and to gymnastics and lunch when he was six days old, and haven’t really stopped since then.  I have felt great, all the way to playing freeze tag in the yard tonight with the other kids.  Abigail came to a complete stop and yelled, “Look!  Mommy’s really running!”  They forgot all about tagging and just started chasing me and it was so fun to feel good enough to actually get up and run and play with my kiddos. 

Silas has also possibly been my easiest newborn.  (Either that or I just deal with newborns better with number five.)  He has some spells at night of just wanting to be held instead of sleeping in his bed or in his seat, but on the whole, he’s done really well.  He’s also nursing really well, as evidenced by his weight at his checkup today–he’s gained two pounds since leaving the hospital two weeks ago! 

The other kids are doing really well.  Elisabeth has finally almost quit calling him “it” and started using his name instead.  Samuel loves him a little too much, as one-year-olds tend to do, and I take the risk every time I leave Silas laying down somewhere of coming back and finding Samuel holding him.  Abigail absolutely is in love, as she was with Samuel, and frequently asks if she can give Silas a “good-night holding.”  She is a big helper, and does a good job of holding him and calming him down if I can’t get to him right when he wants me to.  Catherine is also a big help, and loves to go get things for me when I need them.  She is always asking me, “Mommy, do you need a diaper for Silas?” or “Does Silas want his blankie?”  People keep asking us what kind of adjustment issues our kids have had, but really they’ve just taken it in stride and we’ve not really had any bumps in the road.  I guess around our house, we’re getting used to bringing home new babies.

All in all, God has really blessed us with the arrival of Silas.  We are doing great, getting back into the swing of having an infant around and all that means, and also getting back into the swing of real life after our “babymoon.”  We appreciate all the prayers during this pregnancy and birth, and look forward to the blessing of watching another precious child develop and grow right before our eyes.

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