Staycation 2010

Well, I guess it all started back in the spring when we had a picnic next to the Kuttawa Marina.  We saw that there was an area roped off for a beach, and promised the kids we’d go back sometime in the summer to swim.  Fast forward to summer, which flew by like nobody’s business.  All the sudden it’s August and we haven’t gone to the “lake beach”, as they call it, and Abigail reminds us of this.  We just happened to have a weekend free, so we promised we’d go on Saturday.  Then Thursday came around and I got “Thursday-itis”, which is when I just can’t stand the thought of staying in the house all day, and just want to head on to Paducah early.  Clay was game, and so we remembered another “later this summer” promise that had as yet been unfulfilled:  going back to the splash playground that we discovered right before it closed last August.  So we packed up some bathing suits, threw work and chores out the window, and off we went.  That little park is so simple but so incredibly fun–and, it should be added, FREE!.  We were there for about 2 hours, and it just happened to be the one cloudy day that week so it wasn’t even unbearably hot.  The kids had a blast, and I have to admit that Mom and Dad both had a turn down the slide as well because it just looked that fun.  It’s just a great place where you can play with your kids or just sit on a bench and watch them because it’s small and all gated in.  I’m disappointed that we only made it there once, but we had a great time that once. 

Then we woke up on Friday with plans to work around the house all day–plans of the kind that usually get pushed back for another day, and this time was no exception.  Today it was Clay who was itching to go somewhere, so we decided to take advantage of the extra money we get from our renter after we pay our mortgage, and head out to buy school supplies.  I had assumed we’d just settle for what Paducah has to offer, but since Clay was raring to go, we went–all the way to Evansville to shop at Target!  We ate lunch at home and headed off right at naptime, perfect for Samuel.  We got to Target, and two hours later left with happy kids, happy parents, tons of school supplies, new outfits for the girls, new shoes for Samuel, and even Samuel’s birthday presents.  It was so worth the drive for me, even if we had gone home right then, but we stopped off at a great playground in Evansville and let the kids play for about an hour before driving into Henderson to have dinner with some friends who live there.  Again, a very fun impromptu day.

Finally it was Saturday, and we headed off on our only pre-planned excursion of the weekend–the lake beach!  We got there around 10:00 which was perfect because there was only one other family there, and it wasn’t very hot yet.  Other than when Abigail was a baby, our kids have never been to a real beach, but the lake beaches are loads of fun for them, and they had a blast playing in the sand and in the water.  We packed a picnic lunch and ate under a big shade tree, then swam some more until time to head home for naptime.  But a day at the beach isn’t complete without a treat, so we swung through the drive through for some milkshakes before we headed back to Salem.  Once back home, we all crashed!  We were very tired, but in the best way.

Who says a family with five children ages 7 and under can’t be spontaneous?  We had an absolutely wonderful three days, just in time to usher in the new routine for fall.

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