They just keep cracking us up!

A couple more funnies:

We were watching tv the other day (I’m pretty ashamed of how often that statement is true since Silas was born!) when a commercial came on for Clorox toilet cleaners.  The commercial consisted of image after image of all kinds of toilets, with the announcer saying a different word for toilet for each image.  When the commercial was over, Catherine, who I didn’t even realize was paying much attention, quietly said, “They forgot thunder-box.”  Well, I just about died laughing.  For my sweet, quiet little Catherine to even know a phrase like that, much less say it, was absolutely hilarious.  I asked her where she heard it, but she just said she didn’t know.  You just never know what they’ll say next.

Then, later that afternoon, I had asked the girls to work on cleaning the playroom for 30 minutes as hard as they could, then they could stop even if they weren’t done.  They did ok for a few minutes then the claws came out and they started fussing and fighting over this and that.  I went in there, and just happened to have Samuel on my hip as I began preaching at them.  Now, Samuel is becoming known for his bossiness around our house, and he’s quickly earning the title of “3rd parent.”  So, as I was preaching, he was on my hip repeating every word I was saying as I was saying it, in a voice slightly louder and more stern than mine.  I’m preaching, he’s copying with gusto right on top of my words, and all the girls or I either one can hear is the last word of every sentence as he echoes it.  I kept trying and trying, but finally I couldn’t help it and I cracked up laughing, which made Abigail and Catherine crack up, which made Samuel crack up and start trying to preach again.  What made it even funnier was the fact that he was dressed in his Sheriff Woody pj’s, so he was really laying down the law.  If I ever need a day off, I’m sure I can count on Samuel to keep order around here!

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