Happy birthday, Samuel Frederic!!

Today my little boy turned two.  Two years ago, we went to the hospital to meet our New Baby Four, not knowing who it would be.  When I finally heard those elusive words, “It’s a little boy!” I asked Clay to double check and double check again.  It didn’t seem possible that we would finally have some blue clothes to start mixing in with all that pink.  At the beginning, people kept asking me how it felt to have a boy, if it was different.  Honestly, right then, nothing felt all that different.  A newborn is a newborn, and this was my fourth.  However, after several months went by, we started realizing that there is indeed an innate difference between boys and girls.  The first word we heard our Samuel say was “Ball!” and he said it often.  If no ball was in sight, anything else would do in a pinch.  And from that moment on, he was definitely all boy and it was definitely different. 

Samuel has a personality sweet enough to win admirers in almost everyone he meets.  Case in point, the childcare worker at the Family Retreat last weekend was trying to talk us into moving to Henderson just so that Samuel could go to his church.  He is snuggly at times and rough and tumble at times, but almost always happy and easy-going.  He loves to make us laugh, and he’s good at it.  He plays the part of the third parent well enough that Clay has been threatening to take the day off and just let Samuel take over.  He definitely tries to keep his sisters in line, and that’s a hard enough job, we’re thankful for the help.  🙂

He loves to play outside, as long as it’s not too hot.  He loves to go for a walk with Dad–really to do just about anything with Dad, but that’s another post.  He has recently started singing, and the current favorite is “the baseball song” and he sings it the right way, rooting for the “Tubbies.”  He also has recently started recognizing letters, and when I hung his birthday banner this evening, he said, “Look!  It’s the Happy Birthday ABC’s!!”  His favorite thing to do every morning is family Bible time, because we say the pledge and sometimes he gets to hold the flag, which just thrills him like nothing else.  He stands perfectly still, just grinning and proud as punch, unless of course Elisabeth tries to touch the flag, at which point he tries to whop her with it. 

He is now playing the part of big brother with gusto, demanding to hold Silas “by myself!”  When Silas cries, he commands, “Mom, get him!” We are so looking forward to watching the two of them play together as Silas gets bigger.  He also plays the little brother well, messing up his sisters’ toys just often enough to keep them on their toes.  He loves to help take the dog for a walk, but gets kind of confused–when Elliot goes in the ditch to do his thing, Samuel follows him into the ditch, stands there, and then says, “I pee-peed.”  I guess he thinks he has to wait for the walk to go, too.  He also prays with a passion, praying out loud while anyone else is praying to the point where you can’t even understand your own prayer if you’re the one praying.  He is very commanding when he talks, whether praying or preaching.

He truly is a blessing in our family, and I can’t believe it’s already been two years.  Time truly flies when you’re having fun.  Happy birthday, my little man.  I can’t wait to see what year three has in store for you, and for us with you.  May God be ever softening your heart toward Him, so that you will grow into a Godly man doing great things for His kingdom.  I can’t wait to watch.

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