A journal entry

Last year, when Abigail started writing in a, shall we say, creative manner on her reading worksheets, I had to correct her but I didn’t want to stifle her creativity.  So I told her to write in the proper fashion on her worksheets, and then in her journal entries she could write however she wanted.  Well, this year she’s taking me at my word.  Here’s an example of a recent journal entry:

“September 28, 2010

I learned about singulars, plurals, propers, and commons.  Their awesome!  I love ’em!  Singulars are–I mean–they are–wait a seck!  I dunna how to explain it!  Well, if their is a singular in a sentence, that means their’s only one noun in it.  Yuh see?  Now, if their is a plural in a sentence, then theirs more than one thing!  Got it?  And then, a common is a noun that starts with a lowercase letter.  Okay? And, a proper is a noun that starts with an uppercase letter.  Alrighty?  See yuh!”

I promise I did not make this up.

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