“Meet Abigail”–a story by Abigail Hall

Abigail has been a busy little bee lately, writing up a storm.  She is currently writing her own American Girl series about herself, writing stories patterned after the American Girl books she loves.  I wish wish wish there were some way to share her illustrations with you, but a photo of them posted on here would just not do them justice, so we’ll have to make do with the words.  So enjoy “Meet Abigail” with all spelling and punctuation as the author wrote it.

Chapter 1  A Rainy Day

Abigail Hall sighed and stared out the window.  It was raining.  “Hey!  Hello?!” shouted Catherine.  Abigail jumped.  “Don’t scare me like that!”  she scolded.  Catherine grabbed her hand just the same.

“Hey!  What’s going on?!” called Mrs. Hall.  “Catherine has my arm!” howled Abigail.  “And Elisabeth hit Samuel!” added Catherine.  Mrs. Hall walked into the living room.  “Hey.   no hitting.”  she said.  But she didn’t say anything about Catherine.  “Bend over.”  Mrs. Hall ordered Elisabeth.  “Abigail, let’s do your ears.”

Mrs. Hall gave Elisabeth a spanking and went to the bathroom with Abigail.  Mrs. Hall grabbed a toothpick  and Abigail whimpered.  [Note:  Abigail calls q-tips “toothpicks.”  I didn’t use toothpicks to clean her earring-holes.]  Mrs. Hall gently cleaned Abigail’s ears, and took her downstairs with new earrings.  Catherine grabbed her arm again.  “Mom!” shouted Abigail.  Catherine pulled Abigail outside.  The air was cool.  She pulled her to the treehouse!

Chapter 2  Friends

Abigail gasped.  “Wow!” she said.  She quickly climbed up.  “Oh my word!” she cried.  Abigail was surprised when she climbed up.  There was her friends!  They had presents!  “Thanks!” said Abigail.  Catherine gave her a purse!  And make-up, jewlrey, computer, cellphone, and a radio!

Chapter 3  Trouble

Suddenly, a van pulled up.  A boy walked out.  “Trouble.” muttered Lily.  The boy saw them. and shouted. “Hey, come ‘eer!”  “Oh-no.” whispered Catherine.  Suddenly, Abigail heard something.  She got up and walked towards the sound.  “Where are you going?” asked Lily.

Chapter 4  Poor Thing

Abigail came back with a chinchilla in her hands, and a fawn following her.  “Poor thing.” said Lily.  “I know it.” said Abigail.  “Girls!” called Mrs. Hall.  “Let’s get home.” said Abigail.

Chapter 5  A long day

Abigail climbed down with the fawn.  The chincilla climbed down itself.  Abigail felt a hard bump on her ankle.  She fell down with a howl.  [The picture shows that the boy had thrown a rock at her.]  Darit gasped and picked her up.  Lily, Ashley, and Catherine hugged each other.  [The picture shows scared faces, that’s why they’re hugging.]  He ran with her home.  The boy was secretly following!  The boy grabbed Abigail!  Abigail cried!  Darit punched him!  But he was too late!  The boy had already dropped her in a mud puddle!

Chapter 6  More Bad Stuff

Abigail sighed.  I’m too late, she thought.  Suddenly, Billy ran up!  The boy threw him down!  Tomorrow’s church day! thought Abigail.  That night she couldn’t sleep.  The next morning Abigail didn’t eat breakfast.  She sulked all the way to church.

Chapter 7  Help

Abigail bumped into Lily.  “Oh, hi!” said Lily.  After church they went swimming…..and played a trick on Mrs. Hall.  But Abigail felt something.  She had a loose tooth!

Chapter 8  Funny

“I have a loose tooth!” cried Abigail.  Suddenly, it popped out!  “It’th out!” cried Abigail.  “But I talk funny.  I geth I’ll have to get yoothed to that!” she said.  SPLASH!  Everyone went home.  But everyone was soaked!

Chapter 9  G’night

Abigail lay in bed.  Asleep.  The next morning, she slept late.  She dreamed about cookies.

Chapter 10  Puppies

She woke up and went outside.  “Arf, arf!”  “PUPPY!”  She took it home.


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