Happy Fall, Y’all!

It’s finally fall-feeling around here!  We’ve been kicking up the leaves, camping out, carving and painting pumpkins, enjoying visits from both sets of grandparents, and of course, trick-or-treating!! 

We ended up walking around with a Renaissance queen (Abigail), Alice in Wonderland (Catherine), Cinderella or “Cinnallela” as she says it (Elisabeth), the Itsy-Bitsy Spider (Samuel), and Cowboy Silas in the stroller.  We went to Trick-or-Treat on Main Street in Marion Friday afternoon, where most of the businesses hand out candy.  This was Samuel’s first real experience trick-or-treating; last year he was too little to carry a pumpkin.  He got into a zone, was kind of in a daze, and you could almost see him thinking, “Oh my goodness!  All these people are just giving me candy!  This is awesome!”  Saturday night, we hit a few houses on our street and the two streets over before heading to a couple more houses in town and to the Trunk or Treat.  The first house we went to was our neighbor and church member, and she had a bowl full of Snickers bars.  She gave each pumpkin a Snickers, then we stood there chatting for a minute.  Mrs. Johnson was still holding the bowl in front of her, and Samuel was standing next to her.  I looked down after a minute, and he had taken total advantage of the moment and had been steadily plucking Snickers from her bowl and dropping them into his pumpkin.  I stopped him after five!  And the candy just amassed from there. 

Samuel won the crown for funny kid of the night.  He was walking, not riding, but he was so fascinated with this wonderful candy accumulation in his pumpkin that he was literally walking with his face in his bucket, examining his loot.  This earned him a name-change from Itsy-Bitsy Spider to Poky Little Puppy.  He was back in his trick-or-treat zone, and barely talked or interacted with us at all, except to answer as we tried to prod him along, in a completely monotone voice and barely lifting his face from his pumpkin:  “I am coming on.”  “I am hurrying up.”  All this was interspersed with random comments to no one in particular:  “I got candy!”  “I got candy in my bucket!”  I’m gonna get some candy!”  When Clay was unbuckling him to go see Mr. Dennis, he immediately slid out of his carseat, grabbed his bucket, and mumbled, “I’m gonna go get more candy!”  He was just in a state of awe that this could really be happening.  At the Trunk or Treat, we kept stopping to chat with our church family who were handing out the candy, and if they were too slow to offer the candy, Samuel just walked on up to their trunk and scooped up a handful of candy out of the box without a word to anyone.  He knew what to do by now, and if we were going to waste time, he was going to take care of things on his own.  Clay and I were literally in tears later as we compared Samuel stories from the evening.  He is such an awesome little boy.

The other milestone from this year was from Catherine.  On Thursday night as I put them to bed, I told them to go straight to sleep since we had a fun day planned the next day, and, using my excited voice, said “We’re going to go Trick.  Or.  Treat!!  Catherine said, “Mom, why did you say ‘Or’?”  It’s not ‘or.’  It’s ‘tricker.'”  So as I explained the term to them, Catherine finally learned that it’s “trick-or-treat” instead of “tricker-treat!”

So we have had a great start to Fall 2010, including enough candy to last for the next few Halloweens:  a new Hall family record of 11 pounds!  And we still had one kid without a bucket!  What will it be like when they’re all old enough?!

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