Oh, they are just so funny

Got several funnies from the past few days…Hope you enjoy as much as we did.

* Catherine is our child with a very distinct sense of style. She loves to match up stuff that, well, doesn’t always quite match up in my eyes. She had dressed herself yesterday and was putting her shoes on to leave. She was complaining because I had told her to wear her tennis shoes: “But Mom, my tennis shoes don’t match this outfit!” Now, Abigail has seen all of Catherine’s interesting outfits and never batted an eyelash or said a word, but I guess she just couldn’t hold back any longer because she blurted out, “Catherine, your outfit doesn’t even match itself!”

* The girls were watching Anne of Green Gables yesterday, and it was getting to one of their favorite parts. Catherine said, “Oh, it’s almost the part where Diana gets drunk!” Elisabeth, very confused, said, “Who is going to drink up Diana?”

* Samuel was leaning on my lap as I was holding Silas, and he leaned over to give Silas a kiss. I said, “Who is that, buddy?” “It’s my brudder,” he said. “You’re a good big brother, Samuel,” I told him. Very sweetly, he patted my leg and said, “You’re a good big brudder, too, Mom.”

* Okay, this one isn’t from one of my kids but it was too funny to leave out. We had dinner with some friends last night, and their daughter, Lilly (age 5), asked me if I had had my hair cut. I told her yes, and we started talking about haircuts and beauty salons. She was telling me about someone she knew that had been to a certain salon, then she said very matter-of-factly, “But my mommy has never been there because that place is just for ladies and she’s not a lady, she’s just a Mom.” Don’t worry, Rachel. I know how you feel.

* Finally, tonight, as we were loading up for church, Samuel was very much not liking the cold. I said, “Mommy will hurry up and turn the heat on so you don’t freeze.” He said, “I want to freeze.” Surprised, I said, “You want to freeze?” He said, “Yes,” and proceeded to say “Sah-tchoo, sah-tchoo, sah-tchoo” all the way down the street.

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